Captain Poolie Goes to Amsterdam! OMG!

Captain’s Log  4,467

It’s official!  I am going to Amsterdam next year!  Holy mommacita!  This is amazing!  Going to be so much fun!

My Chicago pal, DeAnn, and I are flying out together to visit Anneke and her hub unit for two weeks!  We leave the end of April so we will be there for Queen’s Day and high tulip season.  You have no idea how excited I am!  DeAnn and I are going to book our tickets at the very same time with phones and computers both open so we can choose seats together, etc.  OH MY GOODNESS!

I will fly to Chicago and meet up with DeAnn there.  I have enough of a layover so we can have a nice lunch/dinner before we get on the plane for an all-night flight. 


Tulip time in the Netherlands!

Guess I need to spruce up my orange wardrobe!

Okay!  Who’s excited????  Guess!


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12 responses to “Captain Poolie Goes to Amsterdam! OMG!

  1. goatbarnwitch

    Fantastic!! Can’t say I am not a bit jealous. I don’t have many places out of the US I want to go but Amsterdam is definitely one (Scotland and Australia are the only others on the list)

  2. Oh my God, it looks gorgeous!!!

  3. Daaaaang… I am now officially jealous! But how EXTREMELY cool for you!!!

  4. Amsterdam is fab, and must be even fabber in tulip time. Excited for you – woo hoo!!!

  5. Humina-humina-humina AAAHH OOOOO GAAAAH!!! Get it on, girl 😀

  6. wonderful! look at all the van gogh paintings for me, please.

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