How Are Your Feet? Can I Ask That?

Captain’s Log  4,464

I wrote to Cheryl Strayed and told her how much I liked her work.  I also asked her if her feet healed.  Her hiking boots were about 1/2 size too small and her toenails got banged up and fell off.  People were asking her about her inspiration, her life dreams for her children, etc.  And I wanted to know about her toenails.  I just couldn’t cough up that question on Saturday.  So I emailed her.  Not just about the toenails.  That was a P.S. kind of thing after I went on and on about the importance of writing even though nobody is probably reading it.  Oh, by the way, how are your feet?  I’m so glad REI replaced your boots free of charge.

My stats tracker went down.  Boom!  So, I installed a new one.  A secret one.  Only I will know what’s going on!  Bwa ha ha!

I went solo geocaching yesterday.  It was quite nice, actually.  I didn’t drift too far from home.  It is snake season here, and wandering off alone into canyons and down trails is quite stupid.  I stuck to things that were easy.  Lamp posts, road signs, etc.  Nothing too taxing.  I always take notes so I know what I am doing when I log this all onto the geocaching website.  Without notes, your mind tends to blank out.  Obviously, I was a bit challenged by the last one I tried to find.

I did not find this one, but I DID find a lovely pine cone.   But it wasn’t the same.  It just wasn’t.  The only time a pine cone is truly thrilling is when it is really a geocache container.  

Very cool.  I have found a few of these.

So that’s about it.  I face a full week of work.  No chance to skip the Confederacy early.  I hate when that happens.


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8 responses to “How Are Your Feet? Can I Ask That?

  1. Did she answer? When Nati’s? Nothing wise or useful from here. Many hugs tho.

  2. I personally think the toenails question will tickle the author’s fancy. It’s original and funny and shows initiative. Best kind of questions!

  3. Hub told my that the Boy Scouts now have a merit badge for Geocache and two of his Scouts earned it last week at summer camp!

    I almost didn’t post this because I’m afraid someone might hurl insults at my Hub ( not you, Poolie) for still being a Scout Master after their insane anti-gay message became even clearer recently. Hub is there for the boys and he stays out of the politics. Boy Scouts was his saviour when his dad died when Hub was only 9 and he needed an adult male figure to guide him.He hopes to affect another child in the same way.
    Jumping off soap box now.

  4. I’m glad you had a conversation with Cheryl Strayed and I bet she was happy to answer your question about her toenails too. I expect you will be writing a book with your own thoughts and revelations before long. You can also use your past blogs as chapters….There are so many wise and insightful viewpoints that you have shared.

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