Seeking My Voice Through Silence

Captain’s Log  4,463

Okay.  I am inspired.  For the longest time, I tried to listen when people told me that writing this journal was stupid.  What would ever come of it?  What purpose could it possible serve?  Yadda yadda.

And then, I went to hear Cheryl Strayed yesterday.  If you don’t know who she is, Google her.  She is the reason Oprah started up her book club again.  And she is a real person just like me.   She said it was okay to do things that help you find your own soul – to find your own voice.  She wrote journals and she hiked the Pacific Coast Trail.  I write journals and I geocache.  Somehow, I think that counts.  Big time.

A seeker who found a voice – someone who is always willing to learn another song

I am off to polish my soul with a little geocaching.  Alone.  With my drinks and snacks, my books and notebooks, my personal sense of adventure.  I find myself becoming more solitary as the years go by.  Less in need of people and activity.  I realize that your soul can be filled with quiet times too.  Not that I am planning on becoming a hermit, but I do relish being on the trail with my own thoughts to keep me company.  So shall it be today.


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10 responses to “Seeking My Voice Through Silence

  1. Susanna

    Right on. I took my dogs and sat at Kate Sessions park this evening and watched the sun go down and the stars come out. Just sat. Yep, just sat and listened to the quiet.

  2. Silence and soul-searching are as valuable as socialization. We need love, laughter and imagination – and we need time to recoup our grace, time when being alone is a balm too. I wish you quiet rejuvenation ahead of finding your new direction. Something tells me when you take a new trajectory you’ll appreciate this moment all the more!


    The intimacy we used to find in others now is the intimacy with ourselves
    without the middleman

  4. Penny Tushingham

    I think as we get older, we look for opportunities when no one is asking anything of us which is why we so enjoy our alone time!

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