Good Geo Times

Captain’s Log  4,462

Yesterday’s geocaching adventure was just what the doctor ordered!  I got to spend the day with good friends doing something I love.  We added a third person to our “committee,” and she grabbed the concept right away.  We let her open all the geocaches we found.  That’s part of the rites of passage.  Even if they are yucky, the new person is awarded that right.  Such an honor.

It was hot out there in the east county.  We stayed away from snakish areas and stayed close to the roadways.  I have uploaded photos and will post them on Geocaching Babe.

One of the most unusual stops yesterday was a large cluster of cement statues out in the middle of absolutely nowhere.  They were carefully placed on hills and edges of roadways, but there wasn’t any explanation for anything.  Most of them were on property behind chained roadways that said NO TRESPASSING or DANGER.  We tried to find out more on Google, but these weird things are quite the mystery.  The geocache that was supposed to have been there was also missing.  We looked.

Imagine seeing 30 or so of these just rising out of the landscape on a desert roadway.

On the way back from the country, we stopped at a roadside stand that was selling avocados, mangos, honey, cherries, peaches, etc.  All the fruit was two large bags for $5.  Such a deal.  I also bought some bee pollen.  I have heard so much about it that I simply had to try it.  The pollen is from local bees (as was the raw honey), so it should be perfect.  Apparently, it’s very strong stuff and you don’t need much to become a super hero.

Super food or hype?  Time will tell.

I opted to not watch the opening ceremonies of the Olympics on the flight deck of the Midway.  After spending an entire day in the sun, I just parked myself in front of the TV at home with a bowl of popcorn and enjoyed the show.  Some of it was truly weird, but the skit with the queen was hilarious!  The old girl has a sense of humor after all!  And the Corgis were the best.

I am meeting up with Big Sister Mia today to go to a book signing in La Jolla.  Cheryl Strayed, the author of Wild, will be at an independent bookstore to launch her new book, Tiny, Beautiful Things.   In her late 20’s, Cheryl walked away from the life she knew (including her husband whom she loved dearly) to discover who she was by hiking the Pacific Coast Trail.

Ill-fitting boots that resulted in the loss of her toenails and other horrendous problems with her feet.

With her pack she called Monster.  She eventually allowed experienced hikers to assist her with reducing the weight of the pack, changing her boots for better-fitting ones, etc.  A truly remarkable tale of the hero’s journey.

Sign along the trail.  I can’t even imagine this.

We were geocaching fairly close to the beginning of the trail yesterday.  Steering clear of snakish areas and driving around in an air-conditioned Mazda cannot even come close to what she did – mostly on her own.  She emerged as a whole new person, and her best-selling book has launched her into the world of success.  Good for her.  I know I will be inspired by her talk.


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8 responses to “Good Geo Times

  1. It’s so cool that you get to do the geocaching and the hiking and nominal travel, to see the scarecrows (and while they may not really be aimed at scaring crows, I think that’s the context of your statuesque discoveries.) Hopefully you’ll have yet more fun today!

  2. I watched the Opening Ceremonies until the marching of the nations….After the first 856932417 of them, I turned it off. I didn’t enjoy the beginning at all….too hard to figure out and such a long trek up that fake mountainside.
    Sounds like you had a great geocaching day…always good for your soul, I know. But the segment with the Queen and “James Bond” was awesome….
    I hope you got your book signed by Cheryl Strayed….and is that her real name?

  3. If I could walk, I would do the way in spain first. 🙂 And too, I confess that I fell asleep just as the troops were marching in to the arena in London. I did really love the bit with the queen tho. We have all been told she has a sense of humor, but this shows us and leaves us all smiling with her.

    Me, Home Dumpo for finishing moldings.

  4. Yeah, I thought some of the grand opening was…a little hard to follow, even with the commentators who had notes in front of them. But there were a lotof good parts, including the Queen and her Corgis. (Rita May Brown writes about a Corgi named Tee Tucker, and I kept thinking of her.)

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