Poolie’s Olympic Training Camp

Captain’s Log  4,461

Sometimes, you just have to put it on video.  That is all


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24 responses to “Poolie’s Olympic Training Camp

  1. HA! Glad I could be an inspiration. And thanks for the shout out :DDD

  2. Having a rather large head myself, I may have to enter the candy bucket wearing event also. I don’t have a candy bucket, but I’m gonna start looking for something equally obnoxious. We may be on the same USA team, but like Phelps and the that other guy, we may just have a little rivalry going on here.


  3. Susanna

    I noticed in the candy bucket wearing event only those with rather large heads were able to keep the damned thing from dropping over their face. Kudos to you and to your excellent head.

  4. Edie

    Gold for Poolie!!!!

  5. Joanie Benson

    Ohhhh…you sound SICK! I hope you’ll be able to compete after all your training efforts. PS. Don’t run with that weed puller, OK?

  6. Not bad. Not bad at all, actually. 🙂 Are you marching in the opening ceremonies too?

  7. Geezer

    You left out Olympic Fly Swatting

  8. My most favorite part of most of your videos is how just for a moment…you think about what you are saying or doing and have an instant private smirk and then recover and move on. It always, always makes me laugh.

  9. mommerry

    Wow! What goals you have set for yourself! Once the games are over you may be asked to begin announcing events. You have proved you can retain your composure no matter how ridiculous the message you are giving!!! Loved your video. — and I had a moment of sadness when you wrote you that Kids Days deleted your chances of going to the county fair. As I am getting to know more about you I know you have made up for missing that small aspect of life in rural Iowa once you got off the leash!

  10. Penny Tushingham

    Good luck. Hope you bring home the gold in all events!

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