Mia on Ambien

Captain’s Log   4,457

It’s Spend Time With Big Sister Mia Day!  YAY!  I get to hear all about her fun in Vegas and her Ambien adventures!  She makes no secret about taking Ambien, so I am not being a shit by revealing anything here.  The whole idea of Ambien is when you take it, you should go to bed.  You should NOT make rambling long distance phone calls to San Diego and Canada.  Nope.

There are all sorts of jokes out there about Ambien.  Cartoons too.  People tend to do things like…..eat weird food, go for drives, start the house on fire……  It can be very dangerous for some people.   Let’s have the Ambien Walrus explain it.

Ambien explained

When I hear about people who have trouble with their family relationships, it makes me sad.  People have let their families fall into shambles over so many silly things.  I cannot tell you how many times people tell me how lucky I am to have such a good relationship with Mia.  I know that, and I cherish that.  I would choose her to be my friend even if she wasn’t my sister.

Hear that, Mia?

Mia with a geocache in Georgia.  I know it LOOKS like a bottle of Ambien but it isn’t.  Swear!

Off I go.  We’re burning daylight!


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10 responses to “Mia on Ambien

  1. I like it! I take ambien too…

  2. joaniebenson

    Even if she wasn’t my friend I would choose her to be my sister.

  3. As long as she can play cards and take Ambien, that should work.

  4. Mia and Ambien. Interesting combination! You are indeed lucky to have a good relationship with your sister. Ir’s always cool when sisters are best friends too

  5. How dare your recent Ambien post be funnier than my recent Ambien post! Ok, maybe not “funnier” per se. But you did have an Ambien cartoon, which I didn’t. Unfair!

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