Steel Magnolias

Captain’s Log  4,456

I went to see this last night.  How delightful!

It was absolutely charming!  I got to see the boys I used to work with at the theatre.  They are now men.  Funny how 18 years changes people.  Their mom plays Clairee Belcher, the rich widow who was once married to the mayor.  It was sweet – and much better than I expected it to be.  “Parlor comedies” are always hard because there isn’t any action.  The whole show is character development.

The theatre uses the community room of a senior center.  No air conditioning.  With about 100 people squeezed into an alcove, it was pretty toasty in there by intermission.  When it was over, I made some hasty farewells and then scampered into the cool air of the evening for some blessed relief.

I have a day without any responsibilities.  Imagine!  I spent the early hours putting together some new containers for birdseed.  And I drank coffee.  And now I am heading out to get my car washed.  Normal stuff.  

The bee issue at the museum is pretty serious, and the bee guy starts work there tomorrow evening.  He anticipates that the 14-foot wall is filled with honey.  How involved is that going to be?  They are talking about removing huge sections of plaster, etc.  But the first order of business is removing the bees.  What amazes me is how hard it was to get the city to agree to fix this.  I’ve been nagging the building supervisor for several months now, and she finally agreed to fix it.  Next order of business will be replacing the toilets the plumbers ruined with a power snake.  First things first.  We have a Free Tuesday next week, so I hope the bee guy can at least have things controlled by then.

Off to see what this lovely day can bring.


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11 responses to “Steel Magnolias

  1. goatbarnwitch

    A friend bought a house with honey bees in a wall. The pulled off the plaster and the wall was filled with honeycomb – Amazing! Perhaps your bees are wearing little steampunk goggles and the honey can be part of a fund raiser :>)

  2. I absolutely loved the movie “Steel Magnolias”! I sob every time Shelby dies and when they are in the cemetary and Sally Field’s character loses it. I would love to see it “live”!

  3. Better late than never on the bees, I suppose. I can only imagine the grief if someone had been stung and it was someone allergic. Scary stuff, and ridiculous it took this long to get it addressed,.

    Enjoy your time off!!!

  4. Joel

    Sell the honey to pay for the way repair.

  5. I sure hope the bees can be removed without trouble. Is the honey salvagable? And who gets the money for it? Strange the City couldn’t see the potential for liability if those bees had swarmed and stung lots of citizens…..but knowing city government as I do so well….they can’t see the future at all. Enjoy your weekend…..and don’t get……buzzed!

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