Poolie Moves On to the Next Chapter?

Captain’s Log   4,453

Plans are starting to come together for next year’s trip to Amsterdam!  YESSS!  I explored the possibility of spending a few days in Chicago with my friend and then both flying together to Amsterdam, but that adds $500 to my ticket.  Holy mommacita!  I puttered around this morning and found a flight that connects in Chicago with a lay-over time of six hours.  That works better.  She is going to come to airport and take me to her house for awhile and then we will leave together in the evening.  It’s a red-eye flight.  I’ve done those before and I don’t mind.  There isn’t anything to see anyway because we’re flying over the ocean.

Sometime in May.  Oooh yeah!

The challenges of my life continue in spite of all the evidence I produce to support my case for continued programming that is interesting, compelling, and educational.  So I am packing a lunch and getting ready to find the biggest geocache of all.  It’s called A Whole New World for Poolie.  The coordinates are within my own heart.  Wherever I go, there I am. 

Onward to the next story!  


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20 responses to “Poolie Moves On to the Next Chapter?

  1. Well, I presume it won and it is still there. You have no secrecy or privacy function here, so I can’t say what I am thinking. Ol security first me worries.

  2. That is SO exciting…and so Poolie! No one is ever going to cage you in! XOFifi

  3. Open your eyes and your heart. There are doors you never noticed before, and you may find they lead to better dreams than you ever dreamed before. Be well and be happy – that’s more than most of the world will ever grasp.

  4. goatbarnwitch

    (Turn and face the strain)
    Don’t want to be a richer man
    (Turn and face the strain)
    Just gonna have to be a different man
    Time may change me
    But I can’t trace time
    – David Bowie

    The Thin White Duke made a very good point here that me thinks may be appropriate….
    or….. perhaps…. this…..
    the wheel of Samsara will continually turn, roll with it….
    Namaste, sister

  5. joanlockwoodusa@gmail.com

    P They prefer tyo be right and sorry- they will see

  6. May all your trips be good ones!

  7. Like the song in THE WIZ…….EASE ON DOWN THE ROAD. I can’t wait for your new life to take over….. You “is” what you “is” and you “be what you “be”.

  8. annanotbob

    You’ll find it. Travel safely xx

  9. Safe journeys — both the physical and the metaphysical.

  10. Ter

    Very cryptic ending, my dear… the anticipation is more than I can bear 🙂

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