One Step Closer to the Answer I Seek

Captain’s Log  4,451

Today I will one step closer to learning the fate of a few things that are still in question.  

Must stay on path

Must stay on path

Must heed this wisdom

I know things will be just fine – whatever the outcome.  I always rise and find myself in a better place than I ever imagined possible.

I wrote a song several years ago for an adaptation of the Oz tales.  “You can soar, yes you can.  Trust your heart.  Spread your wings and fly.”   I think my steampunk goggles will be absolutely super for something like this.


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10 responses to “One Step Closer to the Answer I Seek

  1. Hmmm…maybe you are moving to the East Coast…? XOFifi

  2. I have the drift, I just want the solution. So glad you survived the double party, but you should have come down to the Gaslamp for an hour or so Saturday too. Then you would really be bonkers. 🙂


    Poolie, your creativity has no home with those who don’t have any- my bet there are other museums who have been paying attention- or sumptin else

  4. I can’t wait to hear the news….You DO have my e-mail in case you want to SHARE……. I know it is going to work out even better than you hoped…..

    And the usual lack of enthusiasm for your ideas by the staff doesn’t come as a huge surprise, does it? In a way, I would love to be invisible and watch and listen to what happens in the future………buwahahahaha!

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