The Day After the Madness

Captain’s Log  4,450

It took  a day to recover from the dual events at the museum.  Friday was a sensational success and so was the volunteer picnic on Saturday.  As usual, the facilities manager and I were the ones who showed up early to get the picnic set up.  Everybody else showed up late and limping around from the previous night (those who actually bothered to come on Saturday).  I don’t understand.  I am sixty years old and I have the stamina of a workhorse.  Why?  Why is it possible for me to run rings around people half my age?  It puzzles me.

I got up early again this morning to work at the doctor’s office, run errands, and do some serious solo geocaching.  There are times when I really just want to be out there on my own doing my own Nature dance.   I was not disappointed.  I got every single one I looked for.  But before I started anything, I hit the local watering hole for some strong coffee, a cranberry muffin, and some inspirational reading.

My “church” is called Our Lady of the Potent Bean

I went off to work like a good little soldier, and then I hit the San Diego River for some interesting geocaches.   I was pleased to avoid walking in duck shit.  Very pleased.

Got that “chicken hair” cowlick thing going on.  Joanie!

I also found a beautiful plant.  Chances are, the berries are probably poisonous or something, but they were very lovely.

Nature’s little mace berries for vanquishing little plant foes.

I came home and made myself a Starbucks lime refresher.  They are giving them away at certain Starbucks AND they are 50% off with a coupon.  It’s lime with a kick.  The drink is made with green coffee beans.  NICE little punch!

Oh my!  I’m sure these aren’t for everyone, but I rather like them.

So, I am off to update Geocaching Babe now.  Swing by.  Lots of pictures.


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14 responses to “The Day After the Madness

  1. Joanie benson

    Very nice photos….and I think the chicken cowlick is rather becoming!

  2. gbw

    Could be the veggies, I run rings around my 20something interns. Could also be that we are doing something that we believe in rather than just doing it because we are told to…. veggies sure don’t hurt though

  3. JJ

    You can probably move more because YOU MOVE MORE! I’m sure all that hiking and bending and squatting looking foy your geocaches helps!!

    • poolagirl

      True. I push cars and run up and down the stairs about 20-25 times a day. One cup of coffee a day. No animal flesh. Limited sugar. Hey! I could run a marathon! NOT!

  4. I wonder if your vegetarian diet isn’t largely responsible for your health and stamina. I couldn’t keep the pace you keep. It would absolutely kill me. You’re a poster child for veggie life, if so!

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