Bring on the Party!

Captain’s Log  4,449

I checked this morning, and at least 16 websites are featuring our party tonight.  Holy mommacita!

The executive producer of the film Black Swan is attending with his publicist.  Holy mommacita!  This is going to be quite a night.  I plan on getting there about 3:00 just because I am nervous.  Well, maybe not exactly nervous…….more on edge than anything else.  We have done absolutely everything we can do to make it work.  Now we just have to wait and see what happens.  We have salads, sandwiches, chips, dip, cookies, and beverages for the volunteers.  We are setting that up in the library where it is quiet and air conditioned.  An oasis without the camels.

Speaking of camels, when Big Sister Mia and I went to the mountains last week, I had her on the lookout for the llama farm.  She missed the llama farm BUT she managed to find the camel dairy!  Yes, indeed!  There is a camel ranch in the mountains about an hour from San Diego just outside the small town of Ramona (named for Helen Hunt Jackson’s famous book by the same name).  The have a breeding program in addition to the dairy.  They also do extensive educational programming about camels.  The big camel watermelon festival is coming up next weekend!

It might be worth the time and effort to drive up there to see the camel/watermelon combo.

I have the morning to iron my tunic.  Not that it’s going to take me all morning to do that.  I just can’t seem to calm down.  There is a lot riding on this party.  For one thing, I have to prove to certain skeptical people that I really DO know what’s going on with popular culture.  Several of them will be at the party, so I hope they realize how important it is for the museum to have a wider focus.

Both Roomie and her daughter have birthdays this week, so I took them out to see Brave last night.  How charming!  It’s a cross between The Taming of the Shrew and The Hunger Games.  Toss in a little Braveheart for fun.

Scottish lass unites the kingdom!

I was engaged from beginning to end.  The only problem was a family that brought along an infant rather than find a babysitter.  Sorry, but babies don’t belong in movie theatres where folks have paid top dollar to enjoy a film in a quiet environment.  Sorry.

Off to find something that might quiet my pounding mind right now.


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4 responses to “Bring on the Party!

  1. I am betting that the steampunk PAR-TAY is going to be huge. And I hope you can laugh out loud at all the naysayers who have been giving you such a hard time. Good luck, hoping for great reviews and lots of good wishes to all who made it a success. Sounds like some very important people are going to be there too.
    As for the camel watermelon event… you expect a lot of camel toes to be in attendance?

  2. “Brave” rather appeals to me. I’ll wait till it’s on free tv though.

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