Parties, Picnics, and Prices

Captain’s Log  4,448

Tomorrow is the big day.  We have done everything we can.  Now we just have to put everyone in place and get to the fun of the evening.  Unfortunately, Comic Con did not start out well this year.  A woman from New York was killed yesterday when she stepped on to the busy street in front of the convention center.  She was in line for tickets to see a Twilight panel.  The area around that center is not pedestrian-friendly.  People drive the street like a raceway, there is a very busy trolley stop and tracks near the intersection, etc.   This has certainly upset everyone in a huge way.

I continue to amuse myself with the July Photo Experience that started on Facebook.  Each day of July has a theme, and the challenge is to take a photo that represents the theme of the day.  Today, the theme is texture.

Photo of my vest – texture

I think you are supposed to post your photo every day, but I am keeping them as a slide show that I will load onto YouTube when I am finished.  Play them all in one deal.

In addition to the preparation work for Friday night, I am also meeting our business manager at Costco this morning to buy everything we need for the volunteer picnic on Saturday.  Good timing, eh?  We leave the Steampunk party about 1:00 Saturday morning and come back at 9:00 to set up for the picnic.  Oh DEAR!  We have about 80 folks coming to that.  We provide the entrees (burgers, veggie burgers, bratwurst), chips, fixings, and drinks.  Everybody else brings a dish to share.  We have a little ceremony and all the volunteers receive a gift.   It’s great fun and everyone has a good time.  The scheduling isn’t ideal this year, but we had to work around Comic Con and other events that impact the park access.  We’ll survive.  It’s all good.  The first year I worked at the museum, the director made me set up that picnic all by myself.  We had those awful heavy wooden tables at the time and metal folding chairs.  I dragged 15 tables out to the back area and about 60 chairs.  It took me two hours.  Since I was only making $11 an hour, he decided it was best for the museum to have me do that rather than pay another staff member to help me.  He was SUCH a piece of work, that guy!  When he finally showed up at noon to be the celebrity hamburger cooker (festooned with a chef hat and an apron that said something ridiculous), I laid into him with every ounce of strength I had left.  I threatened to quit if he ever treated me like that again.   This was the guy who watched the pennies when it came to manual labor, but he paid a consultant $10,000 to have  one staircase in the museum painted baby-shit green.  Go figure.

I started pricing tickets to Amsterdam.  My Chicago friend and I thought it might be fun for me to fly into Chicago for a few days and then jet off to Amsterdam together.  So I checked.

San Diego to Amsterdam       $1,100

Chicago to Amsterdam           $1,300

What is that all about?  So I added the leg to Chicago just to see.

San Diego to Chicago               $450

So… would cost me $650 EXTRA to fly to Chicago for a few days.  Nope.  Not a good idea.  If I can find a flight that stops in Chicago, maybe my friend can get on that plane and we can fly to Amsterdam together that way.  Airlines make no sense.  And now the baggage fees are ridiculous.

Off to Costco to buy picnic stuff.  YAY!


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12 responses to “Parties, Picnics, and Prices

  1. I haven’t flown in forever, and with the current TSA crappola I’m not jumping all over myself to do so. I would to go to Europe but that would be it.

    • poolagirl

      You know, I love traveling so much that five minutes with the TSA people isn’t that much of a headache. Not when there is adventure on the other side!

  2. Joanie benson

    Sounds like you have a full plate!

  3. Nice vest textures. Yes, you are supposed to be posting them everyday. 🙂 Start the slide show and add to it every day. Hugs.

    Yes, we will be there with bells o tomorrow, but Saturday himself will be at comic con. I’m sorry to miss the party. Yes, I still can’t believe that woman ran in front of traffic like that on PCH.

    • poolagirl

      I would have to make a whole new show every day. Too lazy. I will just wait. And yes, I cannot believe she ran out on PCH either. How sad.

  4. The only possible advantage to flying these days is you might get there faster (but you will still be exhausted) or you might want to fly from one of the few towns to another of the few towns that offers a a really cheap flight.

    Sounds like you are ready for the Steampunking to begin. Hold on to your relief valves, it might be a bumpy and noisy night!

  5. Good luck! Hope it all goes well! xxx

  6. I have not read anything good about airlines for years, and my own last experience (nine years ago?) wasn’t much better. And I didn’t have to pay; my son took care of us.
    Maybe people who fly often know how to get past the worst stuff; I’ll take the train… Oh, yeah, even if I could afford to go, I couldn’t take the train from Hartford to Amsterdam.

    • poolagirl

      I hear you. And one-way tickets are WAY more than half. Sometimes, it makes sense to book a round trip and only use half the ticket. That’s what they are counting on – so they can oversell the seats. It’s a big game.

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