300 And Counting

Captain’s Log  4,447

Sometimes, a picture really is worth 1,000 words.  I could save myself a lot of trouble and just post this – taken with my iPhone last night at Liberty Station in Point Loma while waiting for a meeting.  The marine layer had rolled in, and the light was absolutely perfect.

Old Rose

The rose garden is right under an enormous flag in the plaza.  The light was right for catching that shot too.

Old Glory

I locked the catering count for Friday night’s  Steampunk reception at 300.  We already have 175 confirmed at the museum, and the Facebook listing has another 150 who say they are coming.  We can count on our 175 but not the entire Facebook number because they have not paid any money yet.  I pulled the staff and volunteers off the count and will bring in a special meal for them as a precaution in case we get a lot of door sales.  Every bit of catering is going to our guests.  It’s hard to plan when you have no idea how many walk-up’s are coming.  If we run out of food, we will charge $10 instead of $20.  It’s the best we can do.

This party is going to be ENORMOUS!  I cannot wait!


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12 responses to “300 And Counting

  1. susanna

    gorgeous rose, lighting and colors, wow. Can’t wait to hear how the evening went. Are you going to join the rest of the pirates this weekend for comic con. Richard and I saw so many fabulous pirate costumes Sat. and a huge pirate party on board the pirate boat in the harbor.

  2. Lovely phoros and I hope everything gows off without a hitch!

  3. Oh, that sounds awfy exciting! XOFifi

  4. I only wish Dean and I could be there…..it just sounds so…….fabulously steamy!

  5. We are one walkup. Faye wouln’t let us pay yesterday. This is going to be very exciting. G’s costume is almost done too.

  6. Charge THIRTY dollars instead of 20 so you can call for take-out. Steampunk slobs will never know the difference.

    Nice pics, btw 🙂

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