The Exhibit Opening is Just….Three Days Away!

Captain’s Log  4,446

The exhibit opening approaches.  WAHOOO!  I nailed down the catering and the beverage services yesterday.  We are expecting 300.  Here is a clip of the headliner band that is playing.

And this is the warm-up act.

This will turn the place on its ear.  I can guarantee nothing like this has EVER been done in the museum before!  I am completely excited!  These two acts are huge with the steampunk crowd.  They will be a draw on their own.  Thrilling!  It’s about time something exciting happened.  Because we are a private paid event, we don’t have to put the beer drinkers in a corral.  We were worried about that.  Now, everyone can mingle.  The beverage provider holds the license so they know all the rules.  It’s nice to have a beverage provider do all the work too.  Wines, beers, sodas, water, and a signature cocktail.  And we don’t have to do a thing but take a percentage of the sales.  I can handle that.

The only thing we have to do is move a car and set up a few tables and chairs.  And then…..let the games begin.  The certificates of appreciation have been printed and signed.   Programs are being printed this afternoon.  Wristbands arrive tomorrow (to distinguish those who are old enough to purchase alcohol).   Our business manager is freaking out because she thinks the Comic Con people are going to come and trash the place.  Little does she know that they are mostly geeks who spend thousands of dollars on their costumes.  I anticipate they are going to be VERY careful with themselves and the museum.

The city council voted yesterday to allow a controversial bridge to be built right through the heart of the park.  There was tremendous public opposition to the project.  However, the museum directors as a group bent to the political pressure to support it.  I think the project is extremely flawed and over-priced, so I did not go to the council chambers yesterday to sit with my colleagues.  I stayed away and I will stay silent.  This is big money talking like it always does in this city.  I predicted the vote EXACTLY as it happened yesterday.  The one NO vote was from the council member who opposed the project because you will have to pay to use the new parking structure.  Yesterday’s “debates” were simply fulfilling the legal requirements to let people speak.  The council had already made up its mind before the session even started.

I watched most of it via live-stream on my computer at home.  I knew a lot of the people there speaking against the project.  The last person to speak was one of our museum volunteers.  He is usually eloquent and direct, but he was so mad yesterday that he lost his train of thought.  He put in his request to speak at 1:00 in the afternoon.  He finally spoke at 7:56 in the evening.  I can see why he was so frustrated.

I really hate politics.  I hate it on any level you can describe.  I really look forward to the day when I can just go about my own business and not have to dance around other people’s agendas.  Maybe I too will learn to play the toy piano and hit the road on a concert tour.


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6 responses to “The Exhibit Opening is Just….Three Days Away!

  1. How awesome that you’ve got some music for your Steampunk Fest! I suspect your biggest problem with be the museum’s popularity after all this.

  2. I remember the hippopotamus song ……very enjoyable to hear on the toy piano……Good luck with the exhibit party. I expect the costumes will be outstanding…..lots of photos to be taken too, I hope. Can’t wait to hear all about it.
    I agree re politics in any form. It is so disgusting to hear and see the lies. We are treated as ignorant children who don’t know anything and yet we can see the emperor isn’t wearing any new clothes at all…..

  3. Well, I can’t hear a word of the bands vocals, but she is darling. Make it 301, we are buying a ticket for the eldest daughter. My only problem is that G won’t wear a kilt.

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