Moonrise Kingdom

Captain’s Log  4,445

Every now and then, a movie comes along that makes your heart sing.  It might be the content or the styling.  It might be the story.  Or it might be a kid who grabs your heart and won’t let go.  I went to see Moonrise Kingdom with Big Sister Mia yesterday.  I cannot even begin to tell you how much the scout named Sam sang to my heart.  He’s weird, independent, and resourceful.  He also doesn’t let things change his spirit (which is something I am working on right now).   The movie is about a small island with a few small communities and some wilderness scout camps.  Sam is a scout.  A very good scout.  On his own terms.  He doesn’t fit in too well with the other scouts.  So he heads off to do his own thing.  Content as can be.  

The movie is about incompetent adults, bad communication, bullying, young love, and record-breaking storms.  At the center of it all is Sam.  I LOVED him!

Sam, my hero

How could I not like him?  Check out his hat!  Sam is also resourceful enough to be an excellent geocacher.  If geocaching had been around in 1965, he would have done it.  The movie did make references to wayfinding (a type of navigation using coordinates).  

Back in 1965, I would have been the same age as Sam was in the movie.  I know I would have been as smitten with him then as I was yesterday.  Not a doubt.

Movies like this inspire me to write my own story.  This one was SO off the wall that it came off as a clever, darkly-humored masterpiece.  My friends who have seen it all said the same thing.  Darn near perfect in its own quirky way.

The cast includes Ed Norton, Bruce Willis, Frances McDormand,  Bill Murray, Tilda Swinton, and Harvey Keitel.  Big stars who wanted to do something meaningful and fun.  Love it.

Now I want to make movies.


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8 responses to “Moonrise Kingdom

  1. It sounds like an absolutely wonderful film. Imagination is such a rare thing in the current spate of rehashed pablum that passes for entertainment – it makes the good ones shine all the more in comparison.

  2. I’m really looking forward to seeing this one. Comic Con coming up tho, so maybe wednesday night.

  3. It sounds like the perfect movie for you at this time of your life. I feel changes coming…big changes…good changes…life-altering changes. And it feels so good!
    Re: the previous blog….I’m so glad you had a chance to present your side of the conversation to that person who obviously had no idea that what he thought was happening was not the real situation. I do hope he remembers what you said and thinks before he opens his pie hole next time.

  4. Mia

    It was such a fun movie.

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