Another Song For My Mother

Captain’s Log  4,443

Best part of this Saturday was the dimming of the day.  What a fortunate shot I was able to grab with my phone as I gathered my reading materials and headed into the house.

Floral sentry waiting for dusk to release the fairies

I wish I had coined the phrase “dimming of the day.”  It was coined by someone I have admired for years.  It’s from a song written by Richard Thompson back in the 1970’s.  I have always loved it.  I sang it with my friend Brian whenever we found ourselves on a gig together.  Bonnie Raitt did a fine version.

Now, this song reminds me of my sweet mother.  Enjoy.


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16 responses to “Another Song For My Mother

  1. Loved the photo…..It would look so pretty hanging on a wall……and I love Bonnie Raitt….she really has a soulful voice.

  2. How lovely – both the photo and the song. During your reflective moments you are poetic; it just emphasizes your need to be writing, whether plays or a book. I mourn the fact that the world is being robbed of your talents.



  4. Is that the same Richard Thompson who wrote “red hair and black leather, my favorite color scheme”? Quite a way with words, that guy.

    Sweet entry 🙂

  5. Michelle

    That is just strange. I was singing that song earlier today. *hug*

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