Cache Release Was WAY Too Much Fun!

Captain’s Log  4,442

Yesterday’s geocache release went off like clockwork!  Within 40 minutes, we had our FTF (first to find) looking for it while we stayed inside the coffeeshop acting nonchalant.  Then, we burst out and yelled HOORAY and other such things.  The poor girl almost fell over with surprise!  She got all sorts of Highway 80 swag, a baseball cap, and a cool geocaching t-shirt!  YAY!  She posted a photo of her cool stuff on the geocaching website.

Cool booty for the FTF

The fellow who owns the establishment is delightful!  It’s named Marcella June’s Coffee Lounge.  It’s full of kitsch and fun.  He “decorates” the mannequin outside based on the time of year.  Yesterday, he was dressed in board shorts and a red, white, and blue shirt for Independence Day.

Marcella June’s

He made me a salted caramel mocha that was….out of this world!  The cache is hidden behind those cool chairs in a fake electrical box.

I am picking up Big Sister Mia in less than an hour for a jaunt up the mountain to visit the quaint town of Julian.  It’s an old gold mining town that has now become famous for its apple pie.  EVERYBODY goes there for a slice of pie and a trip to the honey store.  And that’s about it.  Then you go home again.  

I thought about going into work for a few hours (at the crack of dawn), but then the rat’s patoot thing happened.  I realized I don’t give one of those right now.  So I rolled over and slept for another half hour.  Then I got up and puttered around the garden, made coffee, fed the birds.  No rush.  No hurry.  No rat’s patoot for this pirate!  I am taking my time off and I am enjoying it!  I went in yesterday (on a scheduled day off) to deal with a personnel problem and meet and electrician, so I have done my part.  But not today.  Today is for Big Sister Mia.

I got my hair done yesterday and got to spend some good time with Joanie, Hairdresser Exceptionale.  YAY!  She tried a new shampoo/conditioner combo, and it was soooo very nice!  I am going to the store today to buy this!

I love the name EverSleek.  It sounds so sexy.

Even though this is a frizz-taming formula (and I don’t have frizz), it really reacted well to my big-ass hair.  It’s full of good moisturizers.  Important stuff.  So between this shampoo and the goat shit argan oil, I’m set.  At least my head will smell great!  Yes, I use a hair oil that is harvested from the shit of Moroccan tree-climbing goats.  They climb the trees, eat the seeds, and shit them out for processing.  You think I am kidding?

Processing hair oil.  Step One.  Release the goats into the trees.

Time to get on the road!  Photos to follow!


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21 responses to “Cache Release Was WAY Too Much Fun!

  1. Michelle

    So glad you had a good time! Thinking of you. ♥

  2. JJ

    Thanks for the new hair product recommendation, not the shit – the Loreal. Our hair color is similar and I heard that sulfate free shampoo extends the life of your color!!
    I love pie and so does my future son-in-law! Instead of a groom’s cake, his mom is making him a groom’s pit for the wedding!!

  3. goatbarnwitch

    I have a whole calendar of goats in trees and I think it includes that shot. I wonder if all the goat snot and spit I get in my hair is a benficial treatment. Gotta think about that, I could be on to something.
    Keep that patoot properly selfish for your own sake and celebrate pie!

  4. I think that’s the best picture of goats I have ever seen. And I’ve seen a few. Choose life, Dear Cap’n. xxx Or whatever’s best for you. I’d be well tempted to try geo-caching if petrol wasn’t the price of liquid gold here. xxx

  5. I do love a good goat-shit hair treatment. Does something for me though I haven’t figured out quite what it is.

  6. Glad the Geo cache extravaganza went off just as planned. I am sure it perked up your spirits. I’m glad you don’t give a rat’s patoot right now for the job… will find that you care even less as time goes by. They take you for granted and always will. No matter what you do, they are not going to recognize what you have brought to the Museum. It’s a tough lesson to learn and hard to swallow….I’ve been there and I know how it feels. Make your plans to get a life again and all things will fall into place. (Wasn’t there an opportunity a few months back for you to go to another country? ~ maybe you should rethink that….) Yes, I know ~ you don’t care about the money…but what about the experience of being in Europe or overseas?

    • poolagirl

      Yes, but it was an Arab country. No thanks. LOL! I spent yesterday in the mountains with Big Sister Mia. Refreshed. For now. Lots to ponder.

  7. Sounds like your time off has lifted your spirits — and the geocache thing must have been fun for both observers and finder. Your enthusiasm for that game makes it lots of fun to read about. But that is all I will do at the moment – read about it. I have spent too much time in my life looking for treasures planted somewhere by me and then forgotten – to go looking for treasures others have planted. Hmm. How did the bag of bananas end up hanging on a hook in the broom closet? — some of my “treasures” give themselves up by stinking!

  8. Penny Tushingham

    Have a piece of pie for me. Been way too many years since I had one. Maybe that should be our road trip adventure in February 2013.
    Pen Pen

  9. So glad that there was a passionate Geocacher to dig that out within a very short time. Love the goats. Ignoring all else. Yes, G is such a winner.

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