Listening to the Universe

Captain’s Log  4,421

It was a quiet day yesterday (until the fireworks).   I have three books going right now, and I hopped back and forth as the mood struck.  I didn’t even get out of jammies until 4:30.  Love that!

Roomie’s big plans for the day dissolved, so we trucked out to a northern suburb to watch the show.  Her child unit joined us.  While we were waiting, I checked my phone and discovered a geocache about two blocks away.  Named Lamb Vomit #2.  How could I NOT look for that?  So off we went.  It was pretty obvious once we got there.

Vomiting Lamb 

The lamb isn’t really vomiting.  It’s just a support thing that is supposed to look like grass perhaps?  It’s there so the lamb’s neck doesn’t break.  But it certainly looks like a lamb that has had WAY too much tequila!

The actual cache had nothing to do with lambs or vomit.  It was hidden behind a church sign – a tin box with a piece of rubber feces screwed to the lid.

And the purpose of this is………..???????

The regular fireworks display down at the bay (which we did not see) had a major malfunction.  For some reason, all three barges in the bay went off at the same time – blasting off ALL the fireworks in about 12 seconds.    Some people had been “camping” there since early morning for a good seat along the shore.  Not everyone was disappointed.  Apparently, it was so amazing to see that all go off at once that people were quite smacked with glee.  The display we saw was the usual 20 minutes of mixed ooh’s and ahh’s.  We sat along a sidewalk edging with about 300 of our closest friends.  The lady ahead of us went into the convenience store and bought drinks for her family and us.  That was sweet.  I think she felt a bit guilty that they “invaded” our space somewhat with ten people.  It was all good.   God bless the U.S.A.

Later today, the Historic Highway 80 geocaching team is hiding a special one along the old roadway in La Mesa (eastern village).  A journalist from the Convention & Visitor’s Bureau is scheduled to be there.  The cache is scheduled to be released at 4:00.  We will be there waiting with gifts and hoopla for the first person to find it.  We are anticipating that to happen 30-60 minutes after it’s released.  Big fun ambush.  We are hiding it at a coffeeshop.  It is normally closed at 3:00 but the owner is keeping it open so we can have our fun.  Looking forward to that.

I am still wrapping my soul around some difficult circumstances.  It gets easier with each passing minute.  Guess I am finally listening to the universe.


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19 responses to “Listening to the Universe

  1. Ah, I saw that on the news. I thought our’s was short @ 20 minutes. Wow… that’s a landspeed record… or rather, faster than a rocket?

  2. goatbarnwitch

    change is the only thing we can really count on but we can’t go with it until we are ready….let it go as it must.
    that lamb is looking mighty poorly and the geocache…..

  3. That should be lots of fun. Yeah, it does look like it’s vomiting. Yeah also, 15 seconds of big bang. Check YouTube. And too, I see you and I agree with George, but is there a pearl in that poo? lol

  4. When I was working for AT&T it was horrible. I was physically ill from the stress but felt I couldn’t afford to leave. When they finally let me go I had no job lined up, hadn’t applied for anything, and was so exhausted I couldn’t muster up the effort to be upset. And when I got home that exact day, I had an email from someone in radio bemoaning that he couldn’t find a news director and had been looking desperately for more than a year and a half. It was a former employer and all it took was a five minute phone call for me to have a job. I think I started within the week.

    If I’d called a year and a half earlier, before I was sick, I could have been out of the nightmare that much sooner.

    This situation has been consuming your soul at an ever-increasing rate. I am not promising you’ll have a door opening at the instant you walk away for good, but you never know what lies around the bend. It seems very much as though the Universe is telling you it’s time to follow another path.


    Yes me too and I do not agree with the theft of my personal belongings from my landlord of 1 month- and she has all my credit info and ss#, car number- and she is a crook-
    Oh and did I mention the police did nada, but say no one was hurt- I feel pretty hurt- But this is what the Unoiverse is saying to me…yours I do not know but I intuit it is work-
    But I’ve been wrong beforeLOL

  6. You are always a free little bird, and you WILL find your way free of these clouds. XOFifi

  7. George

    What you are holding in your hand certainly looks like something from the other end of the lamb.

  8. Change seems so difficult, even impossible, until the present situation becomes worse than change. I’ve been there.

  9. As always, the hardest part is making a decision. Once that’s done, the weight is lifted. Hugs!

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