Nuns on the Bus

Captain’s Log  4,419


The nuns in this country are angry and they are not going to take it anymore!

A group of Catholic nuns ended its nine-state bus tour in Washington DC yesterday, speaking out against a Republican federal budget proposal they say favors wealthy Americans at the expense of poor families.  Led by Sister Simone Campbell, the “Nuns on the Bus” rejected the budget proposal of Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., which it called “immoral” and “unpatriotic.”  They don’t have much good to say about the pope either because he has tried to silence them and make them behave like good little servants of the Vatican.  He wants them to give up social work, teaching, prison ministry, etc. to speak out against abortion and gay marriage.  Trust me, they are NOT going to do that!

When I traveled across Iowa with my school friends last month, we stopped at the Motherhouse of the Third Order of Saint Francis in Dubuque.  We met up with our high school history teacher (now retired) who is very angry and upset about the crap the conservative church and the Tea Party supporters are trying to do to the poor people of this country.  To me, this woman is a SAINT, but the pope considers her a blight on the “community of faith.”

While he sits on his jeweled throne in his designer red leather shoes and ponders what he has learned about the world at the universities he’s attended and the books he has read, the good sisters are out there serving the needy in soup kitchens, Indian reservations, and shelters.  These nuns are out there teaching workshops on peaceful communication.  These nuns are offering sanctuary to people who are fleeing torture and death in their own countries.  But he wants them to stop.

He can sit on his gilded throne and continue to protect the bishops and priests who are destroying the lives of children.  He can sit there and tell a poor woman with six kids that she needs to have another one for the “glory of God.”

I swear to the gods, if men could get pregnant, abortion would be a sacrament.

I lost all respect for the church when I learned how Pope Pius XII actually collaborated with the Nazis.  He willingly allowed them to move into the Vatican to set up offices and run operations.  All the while knowing what was going on because the good and brave NUNS were smuggling children out of the country to safety.  How dare they?  I really don’t think Jesus would have let the Nazis come into the temple and set up shop.  If there had been some sort of subversive plot by allowing them in, I could almost understand it.  But there wasn’t.  The pope did it to save his own ass.  The church continues to turn blind eyes to save its own ass.  How dare they?

I’m on a rant here today because I am once again faced with a moral choice that will affect the direction of my life.  I am trying to find the strength to do what is just and right.  The high road seems so far out of reach right now.  My struggle is deep and the pain is acute.  I know it will pass and I will come out on the other side – changed for the good in the long run.  Sometimes, it’s the getting there that hurts.

I am trying to keep busy and find other avenues for all this energy that needs to be directed into something useful (lest it tarnish my heart and soul).  That in mind, I have started another journal.  This time, it’s about geoaching!  And only geocaching.  Check it out at Geocaching Babe.  Hope you like it.

Off to face another day.  Half day only.  That’s all I can handle right now.  I won’t be back into the office until Monday, and you have no idea how happy that makes me.


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16 responses to “Nuns on the Bus

  1. I like this rant a lot.

    Changing things…write a pro and con list. As yourself do you want the bennies or not. If not, get another form of cash first. 🙂

  2. Sometimes it is so hard to do what you know in your gut is the right thing for you….and then you make the decision and it is like 100 lbs of weight has been lifted off your shoulders. I think what is surprising is that the people you thought you had to be true to ~ don’t even care. They will just find someone else to pick up the burden. The work may not be done as well or as loyally but they will accept it just the same. I hope you find the strength to push back and get rid of all that negativity and stress you are living under. It’s really quite nice out here in the sunshine.

    • poolagirl

      The insult I was subjected to on Monday is something nobody should ever have to endure. It was over the top. Outrageous.

  3. YES! Right on. Enjoy your weekend.

  4. I am not Catholic but have seen more generosity from the Catholic church than any other. It is sad that the genuinely kind, caring members of any religion are invariably overshadowed by the power hungry leadership. It emphasizes the truth that absolute power corrupts absolutely

  5. How do you get a nun pregnant?
    Dress her like an Alter Boy!

    What do you call a guy who practices the “rhythm method” of contraception?

    Wheeeeeeee! Amorality rules!!

    Oh wait…I guess that wasn’t quite the point of your post. I guess.

    Still, those are rockin’ jokes.

    But yeah, good luck with the Moral Dilemma thing. And good job with the righteous indignation spew. Go nuns! Get in the habit!

  6. I liked Pope John XXIII, who died in…1963. I didn’t like Paul, who followed him. John Paul I lived only long enough to coin a new name. John Paul II was pretty good. I have no respect for this one.

    I don’t mean to imply I liked everything about any of them, but I would say to Catholics I knew, I am not Catholic and it is basically not for me to say. I don’t understand any leader who lives in such luxury at the cost of his followers.

  7. annanotbob

    Behind you every inch of the way xxx

  8. joaniebenson

    I’m sorry for the dilemma you must be facing. I think your knowing that it will pass and the changes that will come from your decision will make your life better is the best your psyche can do for you right now. The answers will come. You taught me this.

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