Angry at the Asshat Tea Party Nimrods

Captain’s Log  4,416

Time to blow off some steam……again.  Just wound up right now after listening to imbeciles carry on about Obama.

Ah……let them blow and fart and make noises that reach the sky!  Let them carry on about how this country is going into the shitcan.  Hell in a handbasket.  And all such nonsense.  The double whammy for these asshat Tea Party nimrods would be providing health benefits for a GAY person with a PRE-EXISTING CONDITION caused by unsafe conditions while working for a company supported by a UNION!   Better yet, how about a PREGNANT, JEWISH (WHO IS NOW AN ATHEIST) GAY person with a PRE-EXISTING CONDITION who got pregnant via IN VITRO FERTILIZATION after having regular medical check ups while in college at PLANNED PARENTHOOD?  Let’s have this person’s WIFE be a BI-LINGUAL TRANSGENDER from MEXICO who came here as a child at the age of three.   Let’s throw in a trendy PEANUT ALLERGY just to piss them off even more. 

Have I covered all the bases?

They say they want to move to Canada.  Good luck with that.


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14 responses to “Angry at the Asshat Tea Party Nimrods

  1. I will truly be disappointed in America if he is not reelected.

  2. susanna

    OMG this entry is hilarious! I am going to show it to a few select people who will get soooo energized by your bold and baudy banter. I wish there was a way to send this to a few “lefty” newpapers so more people could read it.

  3. Everybody with our group at the beach loves you! Thanks.

  4. George

    I think you forgot all the Gay Whales. Gotta save the gay whales.

  5. Awesome entry! But you left out the part about breastfeeding!

  6. One of the many axioms the Tea Party has never learned: Itis better to say nothing and be thought a fool, than to open one’s mouth and leave no doubt. I’m hoping they’ll finally say enough to make voters think, “no thank you!”

  7. Linda Rush aka Swabby

    I honestly can not figure out how anyone with a heart and empathy and humanity could become a Republican. My brother is a staunch Republican and his wife is head of the Rep. women’s club in their city. He keeps sending me horrible hate mail about Obama even though I have begged him repeatedly not to do that. Now he is so angry with me because I don’t like his politics that he refuses to talk to me. It is sad, life is too short and he and I are the only remaining members of our childhood family. I am really scared of all the money the Republicans are amassing from their
    Superpacs and billionaires. I am afraid it is going to be a very ugly campaign season. Those damn asshats!!!

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