LMCP is Her Name

Captain’s Log  4,415

Guess who was all sweetness and light yesterday?   Little Miss Cranky Pants.

Guess who figured out yearly raises yesterday?  Captain Poolie.

Guess who is not rewarding asshat behaviour with a significant raise?  Captain Poolie.

Guess who is getting the biggest raise?  The one who never whines or complains or makes life a living hell.

Guess who doesn’t give a crap about nurturing the unskilled communicators?  Captain Poolie.

Guess who is ready to sign a final paycheck if someone flips another attitude?  Captain Poolie.

Since LMCP (Little Miss Cranky Pants) is driven by money and only money, the small raise might be enough to push her out the door.  She threatens lawsuits about every two weeks or so claiming discrimination.  She truly believes that the hourly employees are treated special.  I am glad to give her the chance to experience that.  I am happy to require her to be at the office at 8:30 every morning, take exactly 30 minutes for an unpaid lunch, and leave at 5:00 in the afternoon.  As a salaried employee, she comes and goes as she pleases.  Most Fridays, she is out the door at 2:00.  If she wants “favoritism,” I am happy to provide that for her.  She will be required to work in the office every single day.  No more working from home.  She misses an hour of work, she is docked an hour’s pay.  She would also be put on the rotation to cover as the first emergency responder for the security system.  Sounds silly to me, but if that would make her happy……I’m all for it.  In fact, I would LOVE that.  Nerk nerk nerk!

On a happier note, Mage called yesterday and asked if I was able to have dinner with her and Mr. Geezer.  Wow!  So it was off to Sipz for a lovely feast of spring rolls and “chicken” teriyaki.   Did I spell that right?  Anyway, it was delicious!  We topped off the evening by finding two nearby geocaches!  YAY!  The caches were really easy.  We drove up to within a few feet of the second one.  Geezer had it in about 15 seconds.  I like it when you actually FIND them.  We are having a planned release of a cache for Historic Highway 80 next week.  That should be fun.  The media will be there.  Usually, someone jumps on a new cache in less than an hour.  We hope to surprise the first to find with a t-shirt and a geocaching baseball cap.  Make it fun.

Off to a grantwriting workshop this morning.  Then, I meet with our paid grantwriter for a luncheon in the park.  I love meeting with our grantwriter because she is a world-traveled, whip-smart lady to can talk about anything.  The workshop will be as dull as watching paint dry, but I must go.  In fact, I must go now.


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6 responses to “LMCP is Her Name

  1. susanna

    Reading you is always worth that one special word. “asshat” behavior…need I say more!

  2. I’m glad you are taking a stand with LMCP….hope she gets the message.
    I must return to your previous blog wherein you talked about feeling loyalty to your 10 employees. You know…., how many of them would be as loyal to you if the tables were turned? I know the next few weeks and months may change your way of thinking but I’m waiting for the day that you have finally had enough and scream out your window….I’M MAD AS HELL AND I CAN’T TAKE IT ANY MORE!….. I had that day and while I regret not seeing my co-workers any more; the whole office atmosphere changed and I got out just in time to save my own sanity…..and now that entire office is gone…..as if it had never been the one that won so many of the company’s President Awards over the years…..

  3. George

    Yep, sounds like LMCP needs to try a month of this hourly employee crapola and be held to a strict time table. Then after X-number of arriving late or leaving early without approval, she gets written up, put on probation and possibly shown the door. However, having her quit is better on the workman’s comp insurance premium.
    Personally I enjoy working from home even though I’m an hourly person.

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