What’s the Buzz?

Captain’s Log  4,413

This will be short.  Early morning meetings took me off my writing schedule.  FIE!

So the big news is……………

We evacuated the museum yesterday when a swarm of about 30,000 or so bees attacked the front of the building.  Evacaution worked smoothly.  We had all 250 or so patrons out of the building in less than three minutes.  Out the back door. 

The best question of the day was…..  “What time are the bees leaving?  Will we have time to come back and see the museum?”

The official spokesperson for the bees would not give me a direct answer.  We were closed for the rest of the day.

I went home to relax.  I opened the back patio doors and sat down outside to enjoy the glory of the quiet.  And a finch flew into the house.  It was much easier to deal with the finch than the bees.  I extended a broom into the skylight and told him to relax.  He calmed down, jumped onto the broom, and allowed me to carry him to the door.

Finch whisperer…..yes

Bee whisperer…..not a chance


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14 responses to “What’s the Buzz?

  1. You could have tried being a bee whisperer. It might have worked. LOL

  2. susanna

    The finch story is fabulous. I have never thought of offering a broom handle to the birds that have flown into my house. I captured them in gloves. They tended to just sit there and let me do it but they were doves and doves are
    s l o w…

  3. joanlockwoodusa@gmail.com

    Who could make this stuff up?

  4. Beeeeezzzz! I really tried to pretend I was sorry you got buzzed but all I was really thinking was, “Yay! Poolie got a holiday!”

  5. Who did the counting? — regardless — consider it a beeeelessing and enjoy the time off.

    • poolagirl

      There was actually a beekeeper visiting the museum when it happened. She estimated the hive size. Weird, eh?

  6. Penny Tushingham

    People make the most unbelieveable comments. We have a wild fire and someone called into to dispatch that he has asthma and they better do something about the smoke. Duh!
    Pen Pen

  7. Oh…..Auto Museum….where is thy sting? Outside, you say? Gad zooks!

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