The Reunion Gang

Captain’s Log  4,409

After a hugely busy day at the office (still catching up and trying to make some progress on new things), I left about an hour early and took Roomie’s child unit shopping.  She recently graduated from college and I didn’t know what to get her.  Her mom got her an iPad, so I gave her some money to get the extra stuff she wanted.  The case was most important.  We went to Brookstone and looked at their cases, and then we went into the Apple store a few feet away.  For just a bit more money, the Brookstone cases were twice the value.

A gorgeous distressed leather case with a removable wireless keyboard.  Snazzy!

Being a techno-child, she had it up and running in just a few moments.  I showed her the features of Pandora radio, and before long, the lovely music of Mozart filled the living room.  How fun is that?  I also showed her how to download free Kindle books from Amazon (using just the Kindle app).  I do believe she is reading Moby Dick now – a book she would never have considered if she had to buy it.

I am still thinking about where I was two weeks ago.  Right about now, I was on a boat cruising the Chicago river to view the architectural wonders of the city.  Dang!  Where does the time go?

Here’s a photo of the gang that gathered in Iowa for three days of fun.  Still going strong even though we are 60 years old now (except one who skipped a grade and is a mere 59).  

In the Zen garden at the high school.  We didn’t need no stinkin’ Zen garden when we were students there!  We just walked on the stupid plain sidewalks and sat in the snow!

I am having a very relaxing morning.  I’m still not dressed and it’s after 11:00 AM.  What a rare treat!  How long can I ride this train?  The birds are letting me know they want more thistle seed and fresh water, so I should head out to the patio to see to their needs.


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12 responses to “The Reunion Gang

  1. Gosh, you all look so normal. 🙂 lol

    Please congratulate the Child Unit on her graduation. 🙂

  2. It’s lovely to have so many good friends from high school. Dean and I have 3 that we stay in touch with on a regular basis….. Sounds like a great morning to contemplate the richness of your backyard….

  3. You are the definition of beauty: retaining friendship through decades!

  4. joaniebenson

    Great group picture!

  5. Jean

    Oh what a lovely bunch of coconuts !!!!

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