A Plain and Simple Life

Captain’s Log  4,408

Got this online note on one of the geocaches we hid for Historic Highway 80.  Cracked me up.

“Got a great laugh when I opened a pill bottle I found near the cache thinking it might be the find.  2 joints inside.  Left it there.”

When I had just started this sport, I went out to the coastal areas north of the city to hunt.  I came upon a black bag hidden under a bench.  I assumed it was the cache, but when I opened it, there was a hash pipe tucked inside.  Probably not the geocache!  LOL!  In fact, the actual cache was about 20 feet away tucked into a fence post.  The surprises found whilst geocaching are limitless.  I once found a $20 tucked into the coin return of a pay phone at a truck stop in Gila Bend, Arizona.  That was probably a drug deal that I ruined because I took the money and bought ice cream for my traveling companions.

Young men conduct drug deals on a daily basis in the parking lot in front of the museum.  It starts about 2:30 when the guys show up to “play basketball.”  The police do nothing about it because they go off shift at 3:00.  They certainly don’t want to start something at 2:30 that might make them work a second over their shift time.  They have even told me that when I complained.  I actually came upon a car deal one morning as I drove in.  I followed the buyer to the turn around area and rolled down my window.  I kindly explained that his business transactions were interfering with my museum visitors and requested that he find a more clandestine area to make his purchases.  I didn’t use the word “clandestine” because he looked rather dull-witted.  But he moved on and we have not seen that particular buyer again.

I stopped at a light last night on my way home and watched a meth-head woman dance around with her cardboard sign.  Her face was covered with sores and most of her teeth were missing.  She weighed all of 100 pounds.  There she was, listening to the music in her head hustling money for her next score.  When I see something like that, I am glad I haven’t followed that road.  

I’m not much of a user.  I never touch anything that you smoke, swallow with water,  inject, or inhale.  My average alcohol consumption is maybe two drinks a month.  I drink to be social for the most part.  I am just as happy with a diet soda.  I have been called square, boring, and uninteresting.  All the insults that have been hurled at me for living simply have failed to change my mind.  In fact, the more I am insulted told what to do or think, the more likely I am to resist those efforts even more.

This has been my anthem for a very long.  Thank you, Leslie Gore.

And thank you, Bette, Diane, and Goldie for putting your spin on this one.  Great stuff!  I’m nice until I am pushed.  Then it’s not so nice.  

This is nice.  I received this as a gift when we were in Iowa.  Well, I was the only one with a coffee bean grinder, so I was the one who took it home.

This coffee is small-batch roasted in a sheltered workshop in Sioux City.  Sales profits go to help support programs for people with special needs.  It’s a great idea and I was blessed to receive this gift.  They have an online store, and I plan to support their efforts more and more.  What a fabulous idea!  Go Jumpy Monkey! 

It’s Friday!  I’ve already put in enough hours to “qualify” for a stay-at-home day, but that’s not how it works.  


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14 responses to “A Plain and Simple Life

  1. joaniebenson

    I love that scene in First Wives Club. It just makes me smile.

  2. The design remains really good. It;s a pleasure to read, to view, and to leave notes on. Personally and artistically speaking, maybe the blue is too light a value. A Terra cotta maybe. LOL Hey, it was a really tough road.

  3. It’s not surprising we’ve got such rampant drug issues. The police have abdicated.

  4. My sister-in-law was telling me that she was looking for a venue for a 2 day convention of a national club she heads up in their area. They found several Christian colleges whose facilities would have been very good and the price was right but they don’t allow any alcoholic beverages to be served there. She asked if wine with dinner would be okay if they didn’t bring in any hard liquor. Answer: Absolutely not. I was thinking about that. Even Jesus couldn’t come to dinner at those colleges. Hmmmmm!

  5. I just have to speak up for the cops here. Most likely, it is the city that won’t allow the Police Dept. to set up those special shifts or to work overtime with pay. In most cases, the beat cop is more than interested in doing the right thing but cannot due to his supervisors and bosses. I do agree, however, that there are some cops who don’t want to do anything.
    After all, in our fair city, the Head of Communications has been fired because she gave recorded tapes of racial situations and plans to get people inside to take over the Police Dept (which was headed by a black Chief) and who are strongly connected to the current new Mayor’s campaign)…. to that said Chief…and he was demoted. So politics often rules what happens…Just saying.

  6. I’ll paraphrase my favorite Shaespeare line in regard to those who don’t appreciate you… “A plague o’ both their houses!”

  7. Somebody on that vice squad is either too lazy to think or else receiving payback. You set up a special shift — say, noon to 8 pm — for the purpose of working this problem. Ad when you arrest a few “perps,” you make it known that this behavior will not be tolerated.

    Oh, right. They don’t teach “thinking outside the box” at the police academy.

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