Meeting Our Teachers

We are on the road again heading back to Chicago. On our way to Galena, we stopped at Dubuque to meet up with two nuns who taught us in high school. What fun!

Our former music teacher had to leave, but we took our history teacher out for dinner. How fun! We even had adult beverages. Wahoo!


We headed off for Galena, Illinois. We found a triple room in a motel near downtown. We felt like orphans when climbed into bed. Has anyone seen Annie?


Spending the day in Galena and heading back to Chicago. Tonight is my last night before leaving for home tomorrow. Is this really almost over?


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12 responses to “Meeting Our Teachers

  1. I’m with Joan – I suspect that the Sister was delighted with the treat. It’s a safe bet none of her other students would be so thoughtful!

  2. I am sure it was fun to have adult beverages with your teacher, the sister. But did you say a blessing before eating and drinking? LOL

    Terri T.

    • poolagirl

      We said a prayer after the meal and then she blessed each one of us individually before we left. It was so very special even though I don’t believe in any of it anymore.

  3. You are fortunate. I can’t think of a teacher I liked that much. In some of my favorite classes, I learned in spite of the teachers. (Or maybe to spite them.)

  4. Lovely ladies. I bet you are smiling.

  5. Sister Arnold didn’t dress up for your visit. On her last day at Briar Cliff they did a mob thing — when she went for her usual walk half the student body joined her, all wearing t-shirts that said something like “Doing the Sister Walk with Arnold” – well, maybe it was a bit more catchy than that – but anyway it was a really nice thing they did.

  6. I bet you made Sister’s day!!!!!!

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