Last Day With School Chums

Another fun and amazing day in Iowa with friends. It started off meeting a new friend named Mary. She lives in my home town and writes for several local newspapers. It was almost like a mini writers conference. We both write regularly for different reasons.

Then it was off to Remsen to visit with the parents of one of our group. Among our group, there are only four living parents. The fact that one friend still has both is quite amazing.

We headed off to the church to look around. It’s under major construction again. Rita played the big pipe organ. And yes, we climbed the bell tower and wrote our names on the wall.

We found the farm where Anneke stayed. Not sure if the people who live there now liked us parking in the driveway for photos.

We went to the care facility where my mom had been a resident before she died. That was a bit strange but good. I spoke with the administrator for a short time.

Then it was off to the cemetery. I had put that off in the back of my mind and tried not to think about it. But the time came when I had to go make that visit. It was very hard to see their headstones complete and together. Thank goodness for my friends.

We celebrated our last meal with pizza and more laughing. At the end of the evening, we set a pizza box on the floor with three empty soda cans. That was our campfire.

We all leave today. Some have already gone. Time to pack and head down to the lobby for breakfast and final farewells. Then it’s another full day of driving to Dubuque for dinner with our high school history teacher.


Mary, the journalist. What a hoot!


Inside the church.


Rita plays the pipe organ.


Bat skeleton in the bell tower. More than one!


New copper for the church turrets. So very cool.


Homage to my parents.


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7 responses to “Last Day With School Chums

  1. Dude…you really do know how to live. And you find joy in everything. Hats off to you! XOFifi

  2. Endings are always bittersweet. You had the joy of reunited friends and the quiet visit to your parents’ graves. The universe provided balance.

  3. Kind of a full circle…..your home town, your school, your friends, your church and then the cemetary. It is strange to read the names of your loved ones but I am sure they were glad you visited.

  4. You are so blessed to have kept those friends after all of these years! You look like you were having such a wonderful time!! I too am glad your friends were with you when you went to visit Mom and Dad.

  5. What fun you all had. Yes, it was good that you stopped by to say hello to your mom and dad. Thanks for sharing their stones with us. That was hard but you are appreciated.

  6. It’s rough going to a cemetery when there are people there whom you loved. (It’s a little easier if you are going for research.) But it’s good to see that those who loved each other are reunited.

    You will be glad you have the photo of the stones. I keep my picture for the dates and the Hebrew spelling.

  7. Mia

    Glad your friends were with you yesterday. You did some hard stuff.

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