Working on the Farm

Yesterday was filled with great joy. It started with breakfast together and ended with a sing-along on the farm. Sandwiched inside were finding a geo-treasure, touring the high school, and gathering at my friend’s house for drinks and snacks. Big day.


Where we spent four amazing years together.


Under her watchful eye.


Friends Jean and Darlene catch up on old times.


A jar of lemon vodka hooch made by Jean. Amazing stuff!!!


A trip to the farm!


To see goats and sheep!


And a hayride! Several of us drove the tractor later! Photos of that later.

Was it a fun day? I’m thinking so.


We left the farm just before 10:00. The sky was still pink with light. Covered in dust and hay with my fingers screaming in pain from playing the strings of a borrowed guitar, I could not have been happier.


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7 responses to “Working on the Farm

  1. Dang, y’all are having entirely too much fun! Keep it going, you deserve it 😀

  2. Such a wonderful day! But I gotta tell ya, I saw that jar and thought “specimen”!

  3. Just delightful stuff. Lighthouses to goats, Mary to fingers in agony. You are doing the right thing in the right place. Wonderful!

  4. Your joy and relaxation comes across the page with your photos and your words. I think you really needed this getaway and I hope it has made you think of all the possibilities in the future.

  5. joaniebenson

    It looks like you’re having such a fabulous time! You so deserve this after the last few weeks working so hard getting the show set up. I love all the photos of all your old haunts, and I also love the look of the lemon vodka hooch…I’m seriously going to make that if I can figure it out. I’m assuming it’s lemon and vodka (duh) but I don’t know what else. I going to try adding some agave nectar to sweeten it up. Enjoy the rest of your trip to the max and when you get back I’ll bleach your hair platinum blond and fix it just like Charlize’s in that picture you sent. Then you and big sister can walk down the street together and people will say, “Oh my God, look, there’s Mia Farrow and Charlize Theron.”

  6. annanotbob


  7. BRILLIANT day! But then, we’ve come or expect no less…XOFifi

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