The Reunion

Everyone arrived safe and sound! We left Iowa City around 9:15 and arrived in Le Mars at 3:15. No problems. Great drive.

We spent a very emotional six hours getting to know one another again. The educational journeys, the children, the personal challenges….. We have all been through so much. When Anneke and I got back to our room, we were totally drained.

Our party room is great. The potluck meal was fabulous. Today is the day for photos and more fun.


The new look of Iowa farming. Wind turbines!


Where we used to take mom for breakfast.


Adding copper to the old Catholic church.


My childhood home.


Random prairie lighthouse? WTF?


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4 responses to “The Reunion

  1. I can’t say I miss the brutal winters, but I do miss the beautiful greenery I used to take for granted. How great that you were able to reconnect with friends and share your lives!

  2. Sometimes finding out what our old friends have struggled through just makes us all the more thankful for what we have….
    I’m sure all of you feel the same way about reuniting again.

  3. How special to be able to see your childhood home. Last time I visited, my childhood home had been turned into condos, worth about a hundred times what my parents sold it for, back in 1955.

    I love wind turbines; I think they’re beautiful. The lighthouse is whimsy, even if it has no other purpose.

  4. Mia

    Sounds like such a great time.

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