Off to Iowa

I am sitting in DeAnn’s sister’s house enjoying a nice cup of strong coffee. We leave for western Iowa in a few hours.

It’s great to be back in the Midwest. Truly.

People are waking up. Another day of this grand adventure.


A hot day on the architectural boat tour on the Chicago river. DeAnn forgot her hat. Obviously. LOL!


The Mighty Mississippi. Hooray!


Treated myself to a rhubarb/grapefruit rum martini at a bistro in Iowa City last night. Divine!


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4 responses to “Off to Iowa

  1. Michelle

    Oh, isn’t that architectural boat tour the BEST? Did they take you out on the lake too?

  2. …and the architectural details are…..

    Here the Steampunk exhibit is going great guns. G reports visitors doubled over the normal count. He was driven mad by chasing 2 year olds off cars. You are to be commended, he reports.

  3. You are so right about the Midwest. It may not always be as beautiful as the coasts on either side of the USA….but there is something very special about it…

  4. There is no place quite like the American midwest, is there? I hope someday to go back for a visit too,

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