I Love This City!

Yesterday was a fun combo plate that included a ride on the train (how I love that train), a water taxi ride, a tour of famous gangster activity, dinner at a quaint Italian restaurant, and comedy night at Second City. Wow! We also met Karen who is Anneke’s friend from high school times. Karen was a foreign exchange student in the Netherlands a year before Anneke came to Iowa. Nice lady!

Today we go back downtown for an architectural tour (via another boat). Then we are off to Iowa City to stay at DeAnn’s sister’s house.

But for now……pictures!


A real painting by Georgia!


A cool sculpture that just happened to be a geo-treasure!


Anneke and DeAnn learn about the mob. We had to duck when they played the tommy gun stuff. Very funny.


Al Capone’s brewery. One of his many lucrative enterprises.


Burritos as big as your head. All righty then!


Where John Dillinger died. Bad photo taken from the bus window.


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5 responses to “I Love This City!

  1. There’s never a dull moment with friends in Chi town. 🙂

  2. Looks like the Chicago weather was perfect for all your adventures. Love the Georgia painting…it must be magnificent to see in person. And the Bean….! Glad you are having so much culture in one trip….

  3. It looks like you’re all having a blast – no mobster-related pun intended, heh. I’m guessing that this is one of your more laugh-filled adventures. No doubt more of the same to come once you move the party to Iowa. Look out, Iowa, here comes the class of PIRATE, LOL!

  4. Is that in cubic inch terms? After all, unless one’s head is burrito-shape it would be tricky to ascertain the whole ‘big as your head’-ness, wouldnt it? Or maybe they mean ‘burritos THE SAME LENGTH as your head’? Do they measure your head first and then make sure the burrito is just a little bit bigger? Oh, its just toooooo ambiguous, I think I’ll just have a coffee to go! s x PS Cool trip – sounds like youre having loads of fun. xx

  5. Michelle

    Eeeee! You went to see the Bean! 😀 And I am so jealous of you for the mobster tour. I’m glad you’re having fun!

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