48 Hours and Counting

Captain’s Log  4,393

After the craziness of opening Steampunk, it was time to settle down yesterday.  I did that by reading this quite amazing novel.

Disturbing, sad, pulpy, sexy, inventive……..

I actually paid for this one and it was definitely worth $3.99 on Amazon Kindle.  There are no quotation marks to denote conversation, and at first I found it difficult.  After a few chapters, I didn’t even miss it.  This is a classic tale of the hero.  He has fallen from grace and fights his way back to what he already knew was the truth about himself.  This book even has its own version of a Siren who leads him astray and further down the road to destruction.  It’s also the re-telling of how money can corrupt hearts and souls.  Nothing new – but told in a new and interesting way.

I went from that book right over to see Snow White and the Huntsman with Roomie.  She gets cool gold tickets from her place of employment, so seeing first-run films is budget-friendly.  This movie has it all.  It sticks fairly well to the original tale of the Brothers Grimm.  I’m sure they never dreamed of the special effects this movie has produced, however. The troll was quite lovely.  He guarded the bridge into the Enchanted Forest.

Obviously, he flosses.

Kristen Stewart portrays Snow White like a blend of Katniss and Joan of Arc (and neither one very well).  Sorry, she is just Bella.  Bella.  Bella.  Poor kid.  

Charlize Theron was the star of the show as the evil queen Ravenna.  Nobody even held a candle to her performance.  My favorite scene was her climbing out of an oily pit whilst covered in black raven feathers – clawing her way to the mirror to find out if she was still the fairest of them all.  It was obvious they used syrup to make this mess, and she climbed through it like a real pro.  I want to look like Charlize Theron even if it means crawling through a pit of syrup.  I would pay that price.

Queen Ravenna.  Now imagine this covered in syrup.  Her finger claws are pretty cool too, eh?

I love movies!  My three vices are….



funky shoes

I suppose I should include travel on that list.  I LOVE to go places!  And speaking of traveling, in exactly 48 hours, I will be airborne and heading off to Chicago!  I have a few things to do before leaving.  I am taking medjool dates as my gift for both Anneke and DeAnn.  Nothing like a nice, fat, organic California medjool.  They look like enormous cockroaches but they taste like heaven!



Gift of the gods

I had better get going.  Two solid days of work where I must pretend that I am not distracted about my upcoming journey.


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10 responses to “48 Hours and Counting

  1. It’s awesome to read your satisfaction over this event and its reception. Your finger was on the pulse of social consciousness in the best way. Bravo!

  2. joanlockwoodusa@gmail.com

    My your switch in perspective has been very fulfilling and FUN

  3. I am so glad the exhibit is turning into an EVENT! And I am also very glad that you get to escape to Chicago to make your own events….

  4. I don’t think I can send you a cartoon here; I’ll email it to you.

  5. Simplly utterly, marvelous stuff. We are shopping for a G costume now. Wow indeed for stirring up the natives. RYN: I felt like a museum curator. 🙂

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