Out of the Ashes

Captain’s Log  4,389

I usually like to say positive things about people here.  But sometimes……  I fail.  So I will make it short and sweet.

Kathy Lee Gifford made one of the biggest blunders EVER yesterday when she interviewed Martin Short about his marriage and his wife – all on live television.  Praising him for loving her and having such a great marriage.  Asking him how long they have been married.  He was doing fine giving vague answers and trying to steer her off the topic because……..his wife died of ovarian cancer two years ago!  

I know TV interview hosts receive a huge packet of bio information on their guests.  It is apparent that she never read it or that mistake would not have happened on LIVE TELEVISION.  She did not do what was required of her.  She did not prepare, and that was an enormous mistake.

We all make them.  Trust me.  We have all failed.  But oh dear!  On live television?????

I was counting up my mistakes and failures the other day.  Wow.  Under different circumstances, I might have hidden under a rock for the rest of my life.  Truth be told, I have failed far more than I have succeeded.  But I guess the truth of the matter is this.  It isn’t the failure that matters as much as what you build from the ashes.  Hopefully, it’s something better every time.  Hopefully.

I am so hoping that the Steampunk exhibit is a success.  We have all poured our hearts and souls into it for the past three months.  Building it has been a real experience.  I only hope the crowds will come, and once they enter the crazy world we have created…….I hope they find their sense of whimsy and let go enough to truly enjoy themselves.

Off to go hammer something together.  Or maybe use a staple gun.  We have a new staple gun that also shoots nails.  I am forbidden to touch it.  LOL!



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20 responses to “Out of the Ashes

  1. joaniebenson

    Fortunately, her mouth is big enough to insert her foot.

  2. It’s too bad that Kathy Lee Gifford’s attempts to look saccharine outweighed a little common courtesy. It is right up there with the sweat shops she supposedly didn’t know about all those years ago… A little less talk, a lot more paying attention, please, Ms. Gifford

  3. I saw that clip on a show last night. He was such a class act…and how difficult it must have been for him. And what a fool she was and is……no amount of apologizing can make up for that snafu…..
    I do expect the Steampunk exhibit to be the very best you have ever had…..

  4. Not a single person at the network knew that his wife had died!?

  5. An what were you doing watching that show in the first place. Ahem……

    If you let the masses know, we will come. You bet your sweet bippy.

    • poolagirl

      I wasn’t watching. Neener! LOL! I saw the gaffe on Huff News this morning as I read about all the important stuff I need to know.

  6. After I read your entry, I scrolled down and was looking at the picture of little Poolie. Wasn’t our life easier then- before we knew our mistakes. Poolie, I would bet with very good odds that the good you have done in your life faaaaaaaaarrrrr outweighs the mistakes. I’m sure your exhibit will be a smash… Wait that’s not a good word when you’re talking about cars, is it?
    It will be a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious event!!!! Please forgive spelling!

  7. Michelle

    You can’t use the staplenail shooter? They never let you have ANY fun! 😉 Good luck with the Steampunk exhibit. It looks really cool.

  8. susanna

    Oh dear, did he finally have to say she had died two years ago? That means my very favorite commedian…Martin Short is single!! Oh God, did I say that! See i’m just as bad a Kathy but is he not the most adorable, funny, urban, intelligent, talented person alive! i would marry him in a hot minute.

    • poolagirl

      They went to a commerical break. And then she came back in true idiot form and apologized. She even Tweeted. Go Kathy!

  9. Never thought that Kathy Lee was all that smart, not even when she was singing on “Name That Tune.” It doesn’t surprise me that she doesn’t read; she always thought that what she wanted to say was more important than the subject at hand.

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