Installing Steampunk

Captain’s Log   4,387

I read a gloriously fun book over the weekend.  My brain is too fried to do much else.

It’s a bitch when those voodoo dolls seem to be working.

It’s a very fun romp.  She also writes kind of soft-core romance novels, so when the sex part came (no pun intended), it was even funnier.  In fact, they are hilarious.   Even her ex-husband’s new choice of paint colors for the home they once shared reminds Penny (our protagonist) of a vagina.

The story reads a bit like Nancy Drew.  I would call this one The Clue in the Old Voodoo and Bondage Museum Next to the New Age Herb Garden.  That about covers it.  Really funny (and not so funny in places)!  I also learned a lot about voodoo.  And no thank you to voodoo for this pirate. 

I went shopping for my Chicago trip.  I am most excited about the Angry Birds sleepy pants I found at Target!  I also bought a new red t-shirt to complete the ensemble.  Ever so festive!

Love Angry Birds!  I relate most to the yellow one.

So off I go.   We start installing the steampunk exhibit this morning.  All hands on deck at 8:00 to start removing the current exhibit, cleaning the floors, and installing all the new stuff.  We have 12 people on the crew this morning.  The museum is popping for lunch in an effort to keep everyone as close to the action as possible.  Three days of this.  We open Friday morning.  I also work three events on Saturday.  Hope to squeak in a quick lunch with my sister on Saturday before the Chicago trip. 

To Steampunk infinity….and beyond!


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12 responses to “Installing Steampunk

  1. susanna

    So you are in show biz after all. Striking one set, creating another. Sounds like fun! Have a fabulous trip.

  2. Dear you…..are you wearing your new pants to the installation? Please take it easy so you survive the installation and openings. Hugs.

  3. Ooh a steampunk display at the museum??? Pictures please!

  4. annanotbob

    Ps – fabulous outfit!!

  5. annanotbob

    I still can’t quite grasp what steampunk is (I thought it was a genre of fiction, a bit Dickensian but also techno) but I hope to be better informed by the end of this exhibition xx

  6. jo

    Steampunk cars?

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