Who Reads This Journal?

Captain’s Log  4,385

I was asked an interesting question the other day.  Where are SO-AND-SO and SO-AND-SO and SO-AND-SO who used to leave comments here all the time?  Answer…..I have no idea.  It’s interesting when people that you seem to have a good connection with just stop the interface with you.  The worst is when they stop reading but pretend they still do.  You talk about something that has been on your journal mind for days and they have no idea what you are talking about.  It’s so easy to bust someone that way.

I have also stopped reading certain people for various reasons.  I don’t want to read anyone who personally offends me with hateful rantings.  I also don’t want to read people who say “I am finished!  I am never going to talk about this crap EVER again!”  Two days later, they are talking about crap again.  I also have a hard time reading people who constantly blame their mothers and/or childhood experiences for every scrap of low self-esteem they can put into a journal entry.

Here’s what I have to say to you.  Heed.


I am so very tired of your misery.  Get off your ass and DO something.  I have noticed that people who wallow in self-pity do absolutely nothing for anyone else.  They keep their world tiny and contained.  What a pitiful choice. 

I also stopped reading people who made me feel creepy and uncomfortable with their chosen subject matter.  I have stopped reading journals by people who are smart asses.

I love to read journals of people who are mastering something – overcoming a hurdle – making forward progress – and honoring the journey of that discovery.

I love reading journals by people who pose challenging thoughts and ideas.  I love reading journals by people who make me laugh.  I love reading journals by people who inspire me to be even half as intelligent, dogged, or insightful as their authors.

But the best journals of all are written by people who have claimed their happiness.  I love reading about people who thrive on adventure or the sweetness of reading good books over a pot of tea.  I love reading journals by people who are passionate about something other than themselves.

So I guess that answers the question.  As much as some journals are not a good fit for me, so it is true for this journal not fitting with everyone as well.  I get that.  Over the years, I have certainly encountered some interesting writers and readers here.  I have met many people in 3D, and some have lasted the test of time.  There are still those I long to meet someday.  It’s a funny place, this Cyberland.

So is Geocaching Land.  Roomie and I headed out on an absolutely perfect afternoon to see what we could do in a few hours.  It’s high rattlesnake season, so going off-trail was not an option.  That’s the last thing anyone needs.  We stuck to urban treasure hunting.  We found them attached to stop signs, underneath electric boxes, etc.  It’s always fun to find more than 50% of what you are seeking.

When I first started this amazing game, we went out to find a cache in an industrial area.  We looked and looked and looked and the GPS coordinates said we were so close to the cache we could touch it.  Puzzled, we wandered around like Moses for what seemed 40 years.  Finally, I noticed that one of the sprinkler heads seemed “different.”  That’s a clue in geocaching.  Does something seem different?  Indeed!  The cache was hidden inside a fake sprinkler head.   Indeed.  Fake sprinkler heads are designed to hold extra house keys, etc.  Geocaches too.

Sneaky, eh?

But the most favorite container I have ever found was located inside an upright of a chain link fence.  I uncapped it to find this.  And I fell on the sidewalk unable to breathe because I was laughing so hard!

Batteries not included

 So yes, I know this journal is not for everyone.   And that’s fine.  Facebook has taken away a lot of this “art form” of actually writing something.  We are geared to sound bites and instant gratification.  Is it good or is it bad?  I guess that all depends on what you are looking for.  I seek inspiration and joy from these efforts.  Some days I am rewarded.


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38 responses to “Who Reads This Journal?

  1. I haven’t blogged in years. I miss writing. And this entry just reminded me why! Although I want to always be uplifting and positive, sometimes when I write, the crap I keep inside in order to remain uplifting and positive sometimes purges. No one wants to read purginess. Maybe I’ll just keep it short and sweet on FB for now. Someday, I WILL Geocache. Probably soon because derby season is on break. I need some adventure!

  2. Oh, I am still here. Sometimes I simply don’t have the energy to do anything once I get home. Not even drink! I do love Orkplace, but I deffo have to learn to manage things better. Smoochies! XOFifi

  3. annanotbob

    I remember finding you on the over 40s diary ring, when I started blogging in 2005. To be honest, it was Johnny Depp that drew me in at first, then I lost you when you left d’land. The people I read change with the state of my mental health – sometimes I’ve needed to dwell amongst the deluded, which appals me now. There have been times when I could not bear to read anyone with a happy life. Like you I’ve made good, real life friends. Barb brought me back to you – she thought very highly of you as a person and as a blogger. I love coming to your page, not knowing what I’ll find, apart from good writing and a good heart, but that will keep me here for the forseeable future, especially now I’ve got the hang of google reader. xx

    • poolagirl

      Oh my gosh! You have just made my day. I am really honored, Anna. I am so glad we click here in this weird world of online journaling.

  4. joaniebenson

    Ok, so I was lying.

  5. joaniebenson

    I’ve never read your journal. I know you so well that I intuitively know what you are going to say and I just comment on what I think you said. Sometimes it works out and sometimes not, like most psychics.

  6. Susanna

    Poolie, I am a now and then open the site, kind of follower but this does not mean I love you less. I am always entertained and delighted with your diary. It’s like a friend you see twice a year and the love is so real you just pick up where you stopped. Loving you whenever. And I read more often than I comment. And sometimes I do a catch-up marathan. And I love the clever gals and guys that leave cool comments. And It’s All Good!!

  7. joe

    Hi my Friend,
    What Has Happen To me is That My Computer Has Dropped Some Names From My Ministry Don”t Know Way. Maybe That Could Be A Reason For A While I Did Not Get Your E Mails

  8. Ter

    While I am not the best blogger (or commenter), I am rediscovering the joys of writing again. And I’ve never stopped reading my imaginary friends 🙂 It’s honestly what’s given me enthusiasm & drive to “keep up” & be one of the cool kids again. My little piece of the interweb has morphed over the years but I like to think I’ve grown over time.

    Now I’m just blithering. I’ll save that nonsense for my blog instead of gacking up your comments 🙂

  9. p.s. I hope you bring along hand sanitizer when you’re geocaching! That thing is germ-scary!

  10. I love reading happy people’s blogs. I’m sick and tired of crabby people or people who around and around and around with the same issues. Thank you for being a Happy People!

  11. annanotbob

    I love the ebb and flow of writers and readers…

    • poolagirl

      It is certainly an ebb and flow. How long have you been doing this? How did we connect with each other?

  12. joanlockwoodusa@gmail.com

    The reward is in the enjoyment. Funny- I went down to Universal Spirit Center to Hear Rev Kev and he said something along the lines of “nothing to fix or react to when people leave- seemed apropos- LOL
    Hes very good on the pulpit

  13. I, too, enjoy reading about people who have some experiences like mine but have a different viewpoint. I get so tired of the ones who have drama every single second of every day of their lives…or the ones who go on and on and on about something that…frankly….I could not give a damn about. So I find that there are only a few blogs that I want to read every day…and your blog is one of them. I expect if I actually took the time to eliminate the ones that bore me…I would have nothing to do. LOL.

    • poolagirl

      Miss Terri, you make me blush. I do agree with you on many of these things. I guess I really want people to be happy. I get frustrated when people wallow in self-pity. Hopelessness is no better. I love reading you too.

  14. Edie

    I read you every day but don’t journal myself. I always think I wouldn’t have anything interesting to write about, but at the end of each day, I sometimes have had hilariously funny things that happened that I think about and could have posted. I’m just chicken I guess, but you never know…..

  15. Where have all the readers gone?
    Gone to FB, every one.
    When will they ever learn?
    (With apologies)

    I first saw your name on D’land, all those years ago. I started reading you regularly when I saw what a constant friend you were to one of my buddies. I’m proud to call you a buddy, and I miss you when you don’t write.

    • poolagirl

      Harriet, you are so sweet! I heard about you a long time before I actually opened your page. A lot of water under the bridge since then. Bless you.

  16. Michelle from Dland

    I’m pretty certain I fit into several of the categories you listed, which is a big reason I’ve mostly stopped blogging–even I get sick of me! 🙂 But for the record, I am still reading and enjoying your words; I just don’t always know what to say.

  17. …which brings me to the thought, how did I find your journal? I’m sure I linked from someone else’s, maybe Peggy (Yankee chick). . Don’t remember but so glad I did! Snakes and all… Although, I’m so glad you didn’t provide pictures of any sidewinders!!!

    • poolagirl

      No rattlesnakes for you! I have no idea how we found each other. I too am extremely glad it happened. You crack my shit up!

  18. Now you did rant quite nicely on that very topic earlier. Remember? 🙂

    Yes, I like blogs that do something. Go for a walk, a geocache, show us a new art work, a new show, a new flower, a great bird. I may not be a geocacher, birder or flower person, but boy do I appreciate the positive enthusiasm. Did you get to the truck yesterday?

    Yes, you be good stuff indeed.

    • poolagirl

      Yes, I rant. But not forever and always. I prefer adventure stories about weird things. YOU, my dear, are a provocative journalist. Your writing is so rich and full.

  19. Everyone looks for different things in their lives, both online and off. We cannot possibly be in sync with all six billion (give or take) members of the human race, nor even a large portion of them. Each of us fulfills a place in the chain of life, each of us plays our part on the stage which is defined by time, location, personality, relationships and complex wheels-within-wheels of what makes us individuals.

    No, you are not everyone’s cup of tea. But for those of us who have followed you for so long and plan to stick around, you’re a marvelous brew.

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