Nudists on the Loose

Captain’s Log  4,384

Yesterday was interesting.  The most compelling activity was the luncheon that featured the nudist lecture.  The contractor guy was okay.  I gave him the Poolie Stare a time or two.  The accountant CPA guy is giggle-butt, so that was actually fun.  I know it’s hard to imagine the words “accountant CPA guy” and “giggle-butt” in the same sentence…..unless it was something like…..”Our account CPA guy could never be a giggle-butt.”  Actually, he is quite funny.  We couldn’t unload the truck.  The birthday party was neat cuz the birthday boy doesn’t like cake.  We had crackers with cheese cut into little stars.  But yes, the nudist lecture was the highlight.

Nudists performing some sort of pageant ritual in 1935

We found out that everyone in the nudist exhibit wore something to cover their south-of-the-equator bits.  The guys wore loin cloths.  The women wore a type of G-string known as “ghost panties.”  I wish I had a pair of ghost panties…..just to say I had them.  That same idea holds true for a lot of other things I wished I had just to have them.  Here is a list….

ghost panties (top of the list)


Swiss bank account


pudding molds in the shape of fish

a plot of corn

I can’t think of anything else right now.  It’s Saturday morning and I don’t feel much like thinking. 


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12 responses to “Nudists on the Loose

  1. Steph Rake

    Read in this weeks READER about the nudist colony in jacumba…you may want to check it out. Let me know how you like “Bernie”

  2. Ghost panties… that like the thong that disappeared into my rolls if flesh after I put it on… Yeah, that was an interesting experiment.

  3. I wonder if there is a fish-mold-shaped diggeridoo out there somewhere for you? It would fulfill two wishes in a single bound. Though the Lamborghini and ghost panties would be a nice touch. And a Swiss bank account would probably enable all of the above, anyway.

  4. or maybe it was a didgeridoo? I have forgotten…LOL

  5. Look at all those votes you got yesterdayl You stirred up a hornets nest. Are those panties in google? I bet a pair of thongs would make it. 🙂 Om… know I would like a giggly CPA too, mine is finally getting grey and charges a mountain. Giggles would be nice too

  6. I thought you had planned on making a diggeridoo a while back ~ did you get lost in the Lowe’s parking lot?

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