Please Vote – Favorite Friday Activity

Captain’s Log  4,393

I don’t know which of the three following things will be the most interesting today.  Please cast your vote in the comments.

1.  Meet with the city inspectors and our lighting contractor to examine what appears to be a double set of payroll records.  He was contracted to pay prevailing wages to people with the right to work here.  Apparently, he has been paying undocumented workers under the table.  This should be fun.

2.  Meet with the CPA to discuss what needs to be with our yearly audit at the museum.

3.  Attend a luncheon that features a historian who will speak about the nudist colony that was part of the California International Exposition of 1935 in Balboa Park.

4.  Unload a truck.

I have an idea which way the votes will go. 



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43 responses to “Please Vote – Favorite Friday Activity

  1. George

    Oh gosh, such tough choices! Hmmmm……….. Let’s see…………….. Either number one or number three. Either way you get to see a grown man squirm.

  2. joaniebenson

    I wasn’t even around in 1935, but I remember at one point when I was very young (here in San Diego) I remember me and a friend peering through a fence where there was an alleged nudist colony to see what we could see. I don’t think we saw much, but the whole scenario was very exciting, I don’t remember where it was, tho. Maybe it was still there in Balboa Park in the 50’s. Anyway, from personal experience, I vote for the nudist colony.

  3. The nudists or the contractor will take top prize for the most exciting – good, bad or otherwise – but the accountant is most pragmatic. Depends on what you want for the day: quiet or craziness!

  4. debsiobhan

    That’s a toughie but seriously- Nudists!

  5. Edie

    Number 3 sounds like the most fun…

  6. Joel

    The nudists, can you imagine that today. I always knew there was a nudists colony and I guessed where it was, looks like I was right.

  7. The nudists, of course. Interesting to know what happened to that colony…..almost as much fun as watching the contractor squirm his way out of his troubles….

  8. I also like #1; does your accountant come along, or would that be too expensive?
    If you go to listen to the historian, be sure to ask about the San Francisco’s annual Bay to Breakers.

    • Our accountant was not there – just a government representative. It was really interesting. I had to leave while they were going over the payroll records.

  9. number one for sure!!! always fun to catch someone with their pants down!!!

  10. Is there a 5th choice?

  11. I vote for unloading the truck because I much prefer using my larger muscles to the small ones in my head. What’s with the parrot covering the guy’s genitals? Seems a bit unfair.

  12. Three. Any old time, I vote for the nudists. Unloading the steampunk truck is second, and attending to the guy with two sets of books is next. Make sure you hire number three and his undocumenteds to help unload. 🙂

  13. bholles

    The nudist talk of course.

  14. Joan

    The nudists! There has to be a laugh there somewhere! Or maybe you can talk the accountants into taking off their clothes – probably a whole lot of laughs there!!

  15. Penny Tushingham

    I vote for #1 because when the digging in records start, it will be very interesting what comes out of it!
    Pen Pen

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