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Please Vote – Favorite Friday Activity

Captain’s Log  4,393

I don’t know which of the three following things will be the most interesting today.  Please cast your vote in the comments.

1.  Meet with the city inspectors and our lighting contractor to examine what appears to be a double set of payroll records.  He was contracted to pay prevailing wages to people with the right to work here.  Apparently, he has been paying undocumented workers under the table.  This should be fun.

2.  Meet with the CPA to discuss what needs to be with our yearly audit at the museum.

3.  Attend a luncheon that features a historian who will speak about the nudist colony that was part of the California International Exposition of 1935 in Balboa Park.

4.  Unload a truck.

I have an idea which way the votes will go. 



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