Darkest of Shadows

Captain’s Log  4,392

Joanie, Hairdresser Exceptionale, did the sweetest thing yesterday.  She dropped off a birthday cake at Big Sister Mia’s house – in honor of our mom’s 96th birthday.  How sweet was that?  When Mia called to tell me, I was absolutely speechless.  I called Joanie to thank her for her kindness.  I was kind of glad her voicemail picked up because I was crying on the phone.  It’s people like that who make life zip and sizzle.  Angels are everywhere if you are willing to accept their gifts.

I met Roomie after work to see Dark Shadows.  Oh my gosh!  It’s definitely a comedy, but it is SOOOO dark!  My Johnny does a great job as Barnabas Collins.  So campy you cannot help but laugh.  I think making him look like Michael Jackson when he goes out in public was a funny little inside joke.  Well, not so inside if I got it, eh? 

In the sunlight……careful!

In the comfort of a dimly-lit living room 

Anyway, I laughed…..a lot.  Everyone was quite wonderful.  Now I want to go to Maine and see a really old fishing village.   It looked so quaint…..in spite of the strange things going on at the mansion down the road. 

Two more busy days and then there is something called……holiday weekend.  I had agreed to sing a gig with Frank the Drummer on Saturday, but it has been cancelled.  No sweat.  I didn’t really want to do it in the first place, but I agreed so Frank didn’t have to worry about things quite so much.  So, all in all, I am not disappointed.  Especially since I found out it only paid $30 a person.  Cheap bastards.

The truck arrived yesterday with a huge load of Steampunk goodies.  Can’t wait to get this exhibit up and running!


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4 responses to “Darkest of Shadows

  1. Just what a lovely friend she is.
    The truck arrived? You didn’t send the trumpets out door to door?


  2. Sounds like you spend the day in a great way and one that your mother would have loved…..seeing a campy movie and laughing. Glad you had a birthday cake too!.

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