Happy Birthday, Mom

Captain’s Log  4,391

Today would have been my mother’s 96th birthday.  We buried her last year on her 95th birthday.  The coincidence was uncanny.  The sweet but quite befuddled priest allowed everyone in attendance to sing “Happy Birthday” to her before we took her out of the church for the last time.

I know I have been prattling on about her these last few weeks, but the first year is so very hard.  And today is so strange.  Anniversary of her burial and her birthday.  What a combo plate.

Anyway….to honor her again, I am posting this video my niece put together.  The eerie part about all of this was gathering the photos and materials so this could be ready to play at the funeral home.  Indeed.

I hope you enjoy my mother.


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18 responses to “Happy Birthday, Mom

  1. It’s important to remember. Hugs…we love ya.

  2. annanotbob

    Wonderful. Thank you for sharing yourself so honestly with us – it’s a privilege to be even a small part of your life. Hugs in this hard time xxx

  3. It isn’t prattling to remember those you love. It’s natural, and a reflection of who you are. I don’t think anyone reading here wants you to change.

  4. joe

    Very Very Cool My Friend

  5. Rhonda

    i loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Owner

    What a beautiful tribute! But just so you know, I don’t feel that you’ve been prattling at all. This is important. *hugs you*

  7. Joanie benson


  8. bholles

    This was such a nice tribute that Amy did.

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