Going to Sipz…Again!

Captain’s Log    4,390

Ah…..hope springs eternal.

This makes me laugh.  It should make anyone laugh.  Unfortunately, too many people simply cannot make fun of themselves, and that is the sad truth of the matter.

I am going out to dinner tonight with precious Mage and the Geezer (whose real name is George).  We are going to Sipz.  This Asian fusion restaurant has opened a new place near the museum and we are going to test the waters.    I may have a noodle meal.  I may not.

Chow mein with “beef”

They also serve vegetarian “chicken” drumsticks.  Be still my heart!

I have no idea how they do this, but those little drummies are delicious!

Then again, Thai coconut soup might be just what the doctor ordered.  Who is this doctor and why does this doctor order all this stuff in the first place?

Tom Kha soup –  Amazing!

Obviously, I get pretty excited about places like this.  Being a vegetarian, most restaurants are NOT exciting.  I usually have to poke around the menu to find the limited things that may be available.  More times than not, what is offered is some sort of salad.  Not always, mind you.  It’s getting better out there.  But I still have to be careful to read the menu with care.  Things like chicken stock can slip into a recipe without even being noticed.  Even minnestrone in Italian restaurants don’t always follow the traditional meatless recipe.  But at Sipz, I don’t have to ask anything!  I can just order!

It’s Free Tuesday again at the museum.  Where did that month go?  How can it be our turn again already?  School is already out in a lot of places around the country, so I expect large crowds.  It’s a day to bring lunch since it’s impossible to leave the campus and then try to return and find decent parking in the afternoon.  Nope.  It’s a day to stay put.


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16 responses to “Going to Sipz…Again!

  1. Ay, you be good company. Those chicken legs be pretty darned good too. Hugs at you dear Captain.

  2. That looks extremely yummithy! Have fun – you deserve it

  3. I’ve never seen those chicken legs before. Nosh is us. I can start to get dressed now….yes? LOL

  4. Tom Kha. Yes, yes, yes. I’m going to make some this weekend. Spicy, tangy coconut soup with mushrooms. I’m drooling on my keyboard!

  5. jo

    Hmmmmm MMM Good

  6. Can’t believe I missed so many blogs. Apparently we have been very busy around here. Hope the new SIPZ is delicious. I am recalling the wonderful meal we had with you just a few months ago.

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