Mia Becomes a Biker Momma

Captain’s Log  4,389

Remember Ham Girl?

Big Sister Mia as Ham Girl

Odd psycho child as Ham Girl

Well, lo and behold, they have a brother!  Yes, indeed!  His name is Spaghetti Boy, and he is allowed to eat hot dogs with his hands AND lay his wiener on the table!


Spaghetti Boy makes his debut eating wieners with his hand.  A two-fisted meal!  And how come his wieners are different sizes?  I guess it’s not the size of your wiener that matters then, eh?

Enormous ham “happened” when Mia and I eat breakfast at a local place.  We had a different experience this weekend.  We went to Giovanni’s – mostly known for its Italian food (duh).  Rumor said they also serve a lovely breakfast.  So off we went on Saturday morning.   

The place was packed with motorcycles.  I assured Mia these were not the Mongols or the Hell’s Angels.  Not to worry.  There were two biking groups having breakfast that day.  The men’s group was informal, but the women were organized.

The Sol Sisters chapter of this large bike club.  There were about 20 of them in the back room.

Mia was amped up when one of the Sol Sisters got up to pay her bill.   Before I knew it, Mia gestured for the lady to come over to our table – and then asked if she could please wear the lady’s vest for a picture!

Mia as the latest biker momma

Another woman walked by a few moments later in full gear – with her enormous helmet already in place.  Mia looked up and said, “I really like your hat.” 


I kept saying “Helmet!  Helmet!  Helmet!”  The lady just looked at Mia and laughed.  When Mia asked if she could join the group, the lady directed her to a nearby Harley Davidson dealer so she could get set up with a trike bike.


Later in the day, we decided to celebrate the memory of our mother by having a root beer float at a local Denny’s.  Denny’s might be low-end crappy food for the most part, but their floats are GREAT!  How can you ruin a root beer float?

We walked in and immediately saw this guy.  Now, the photo is bad, but he was completely bald except for one huge long dread coming off one side of the back of his head.  I snapped the shot on the sly as we were sitting down because it didn’t feel right to go up and say, “Excuse me, well-dressed large gentleman.  May I take a picture of that enormous weird single dread hanging off the side of your bald head?”

Dapper Dread Dude

Mia was immediately intrigued and wanted to know what he did for a living. 

OH GOD!  PLEASE DON’T ASK HIM (I said to myself while getting in touch with my inner fear of awkward social situations).

This is also the Denny’s where I tried to sit down in a booth with my shortest torso in the world and no ass – and smacked my chin on the tabletop.  We have some history with this place.

Yesterday was devoted to reading.  Such a rare pleasure for me to have an entire day with books.  I read three.  All on the Kindle.  I thought my eyes were going to explode.  This was the most compelling of the three books.  It’s a true story of a young boy coming to terms with the death of his father, growing up Jewish in Skokie, and learning to love his mother for all her faults.  Highly recommended.

A good part of this book is about a motorcycle.  How ironic.

Things are coming down to the wire with the Steampunk exhibit.  We go to Los Angeles on Wednesday to pick up stuff.  The work schedule is set for next Tuesday and Wednesday.  The museum will be closed.  All hands on deck for the largest exhibit we have ever mounted.   


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14 responses to “Mia Becomes a Biker Momma

  1. Will you be doing brochures or pamphlets for the steampunk exhibit? It’s Andee’s kid’s favorite art, David Bowie not withstanding.

  2. Hmmm…Gentlemen, check your guns at the door and lay your wieners on the table! XOFifi

  3. You do speak up. LOL Oh, just let her loose. The resulting excitement might be very entertaining.

    No quarters unless you feel compelled to. I have a blue placard….wonderful things that.

  4. bholles

    You do. Just let your hair grow out first.

  5. bholles

    Thank l’empress. Maybe she will finally understand me

  6. That vest is very becoming on Mia. She’s just proving what my mother used to say, “when your hair goes grey, you can say whatever you want.”

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