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Spiritual ADHD

Captain’s Log  4,385

There are people in this world who are never content with where they are….the present moment never offers enough.  So they constantly think about where they want to be, how they want to get there, and what they are “missing.”   What they fail to realize is they have this ENORMOUS present moment to work with.  The here & now offers thousands of possibilities that they just never see.  They spend their entire lives waiting for something, and once they get that something, they work on changing the gift – to mold it into something else.  I call this spiritual ADHD. 

To some people, the chase is the entire game.  Chase chase chase.  Once they’ve caught the ball, they are bored.  They do not understand the glory of what they have received.   Time for a new ball!  Come on!  This is boring!  *shudder*

For me, it’s important to be grateful for each moment, for that’s the only moment we can do anything about anyway.

If we stay busy questing for the perfection of an idea, object, or person……we will never find it.   If we read mythology or any fairy tale, we learn that the answer always lies within the heart of the hero.  Dorothy always had her gifts, but she had to be introduced to them in various and unusual ways.

When you are grateful, the sense of urgency is simply not there.  You can kick into the Zen of whatever moment and truly enjoy it.  When you are grateful, you trust your own heart to live in the moment.  So many times I have spoken with friends about the wonderfulness of their lives, and they answer back with, “Yeah….that may be true…but I don’t have this.  I don’t have that.”  They spend so much time worried and fussed out over what they don’t have that cannot see the bounty spread before them each and every day. 

I don’t believe you can truly move forward without spending time in the present.  It’s like the gears of a car.  Neutral is placed between reverse and drive for a reason.  It’s a safety measure.  It keeps us from slamming the car into a dangerous situation.  Neutral is good.  The present moment is like neutral.  It’s the important between space that keeps us sane, connected, and happy.

I am grateful for today.  The big reason I am grateful is that today is no longer yesterday.  That’s quite enough for now.


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