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Herding Cats

Captain’s Log  4,339

Wow!  Someone from Hallmark Cards is reading this journal!  Maybe they will want me to write greeting card verse.  I did that once.  I wrote about 500 verses and sold two of them to an offshoot company called Fran Mar Greetings.  That company still exists somewhere in New York.  I think I made $70.  It wasn’t the wisest career choice.  I sold the two verses in from my very first batch.  This was back in the day when you submitted everything on type-written 3×5 cards.  I spent more on cards and typewriter ribbon and postage than I made.  LOL!

Last year, someone from Quantico (FBI headquarters in Virginia) was reading every day.  Every now and then, I get the recurring Anonymous Proxy readers.  I think people who lurk around on diaries with a proxy ISP are weird.  If you are going to lurk, at least let me know who you are.  But I guess that defeats the whole purpose of lurking, so never mind.

I got up early this morning and hosted a car rally at the museum.  They said they were arriving at 8:00, but by 7:15 they were there demanding tables, etc.  Two Ferraris and a Maserati parked in the fire lane in front of the building.  When I asked the Ferrari guy to please move his car into a marked parking stall, he looked like I was a piece of shit on his shoe and said, “This is my Ferrari.  I’ll park it wherever I choose.”  My answer was, “This is my museum.  I will call the park police whenever I choose.”  I won.  Must say I gloated more than just a little bit.

I went out to the East County later in the day to check on our geocaches and to hide two more.  That was grand fun.  We stopped at Mary Etta’s for “brunch.”  Since they have five booths, we had quite a wait.  We sat at the counter and drank coffee until a place opened up.  What this place lacks in aesthetics it makes up for in food.

Not much to look at but beautiful food.

I came home and read more of the Hunger Games.  I’ll admit it, I’m hooked.  It is an amazing book!  Shirley Jackson meets Joseph Conrad meets Lew Wallace.  Nicely done!

Off to a talent show tonight.  But for now…..one of the funniest videos I have ever seen.  Even if you don’t like cats (which I do not), you will think this is funny.



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