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Early Morning….Very Early

Captain’s Log  4,336

It was a very early morning for me.  I got up at 4:30 for a series of TV spots at the museum.  We did four in all, and the crew arrived at the museum at 5:30.  We were live at 6:00.  These shows are always a hit with the locals, and I don’t mind doing them if the on-air personality is nice.  We worked with Mike from the independent station this morning.  He is charming, accomodating, and polite.  I like him very much.

Mike travels all over the county.  A few months ago, he appeared with my friend Sam.  Guess what Sam does for a living.  Go ahead!  Guess!

Mike and Sam

Mike is a TV host, and Sam is…….

a Johnny Depp impersonator!

I must say, these odd elements of my job are what keep it interesting for me.  If I had to do the same thing every single day, I would go stark raving batshit.  I also thank the gods that I am rarely in my office.  I had a job once where I had to stay put for hours on end.  I got fired.

I had never been fired (or “let go”) until I moved to California.  It’s a strange experience even when you secretly want it to happen (which I did at least one of those times).  It’s kind of like having someone die when you know they are going to die.  It is still incredibly upsetting when it happens.

If I play my cards right, this will be the last full-time job I will ever need or want.  I get tired of reinventing myself for new jobs, and since I turned 60, I have absolutely zero interest in doing that again.  The other day, a friend asked me if I wanted to go back to school.  School?  For what?  To grease the skids for my career track?  Never!  I want this whole career track business to be over.  If I remain working, I want it to be something easy and delightful – like selling flowers or books or directing community theatre.  As difficult as it might be to direct theatre, it is such a rich and satisfying experience that I never mind the hours or the challenges. 

Speaking of career tracks, I have never been on one – ever.  Jobs just sort of find their way into my life.  I give 110% and then it’s time for something new and different.  It’s what I have grown used to over time.  I never set out with life goals like most people do.  Consequently, parts of my life are “lacking” according to accepted standards.  On the flip side, I have done so many things most people never even dream of trying. 

Here’s a list of jobs and stuff since college…..

wrote advertising copy for agricultural clients

worked in an insurance company in the claims investigation department

worked as a caterer

sold cameras

worked as an Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, and Mr. Peanut

toured with a string band

worked as a project manager for a market research company

developed a youth ministry program for a church

gave guitar lessons

worked in a bindery

sanitized pillow feathers

managed a laundromat

worked as a statistical analyst

painted houses

taught history on a tallship

did data entry

direct a museum (currently)

sold fishing lures

marketed theatre productions

file medical records (currently)

wrote and directed theatre

worked as a record producer and composer

delivered flowers

There was no clear direction for my life.  I never in my wildest dreams thought I would end up running a museum in Balboa Park.  Never.  Especially a car museum.  I know nothing about cars.  But I do know how to create a magical experience where people can learn and have a good time.  The museum is a good fit in many ways.

It’s quiet in the building.  The film crew is gone and I treated myself to a bagel and cup of nice coffee.  I’m here alone now watching the day give the world a nod – asking it to dance.  The gardeners are out making the park beautiful and people are walking their dogs.  It’s so cold you can see your breath.  Nice.  Sweet.  I am where I am supposed to be today.  I won’t be here long since I am working the entire weekend.  Grabbing time off is good – and necessary if one wishes to remain sane. 

The blueberry bagel is delicious!




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