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Quite a Field Trip

Captain’s Log  4,332

Yesterday’s trip to the Petersen Museum was quite fun.  It was fraught (neener) with two adventures of missing people that were both fixed in a timely manner.  There were 60 of us having a grand time in Los Angeles.  Not really.  I don’t know how anyone can really have a grand time there.  It is SOOO crowded and it takes SOOO long to get anywhere.  We sat in traffic for hours on the way back.  I had thought about bringing a book, but reading on a bus makes me pukish.  I had a hard enough time trying to play Angry Birds on my phone.

One of the highlights was running into my friend Cristy at the Farmer’s Market.  She had told me last week that she and her hub unit equivalent, Charlie, were going to be in Los Angeles to see the Frida Kahlo exhibit at Los Angeles Museum of Art.  Since the Petersen is right across the street, I joked and said, “Maybe we’ll see each other.”

And that’s exactly what happened!  I was walking into the market when I heard someone shout my name – my nickname.  POOLIE!  I turned and there she was!  How funny is that?  And how likely was it that we would run into each other in a city of almost four million people?  Right at that exact moment? 

99% of the docents and volunteers are truly caring and thoughtful people.  Unfortunately, the 1% who are jerks were with us on the trip yesterday.  One of them made disparaging remarks about Mexicans stealing cars when we were taking a tour with our Petersen docent.  I wasn’t in that group but I was told all about it.  The second incident involved our female Hispanic bus driver who threatened to leave us sitting on the freeway if something wasn’t done to stop the cruel, racist and sexist remarks from the docent sitting in the front seat.  We actually had to go up to the front of the bus and tell him he would have to sit in the back with “mommy” (me) if he didn’t shut up.  I now owe both the bus company AND the museum letters of apology for the volunteers’  crude and insensitive behavior.  I told both offenders that I would be meeting with them in my office next week.  They got the Poolie Stare and could barely look at me.

What these yahoos fail to realize is that they are representing the museum on field trips.  They are to be professional at all times.  Sure, we can have a lot of fun, but to throw out rude remarks on a museum tour and brutalize our bus driver….well…to say that is unacceptable is an understatement.  Both of these guys have been cautioned about their language before.  I am SOOO ready for them!  I have “released” other volunteers for offenses far less serious than this one.  They all talk about the last time I let someone go, so they know I am serious.  We have a zero tolerance policy in the museum for any language that belittles anyone for ANY reason.  I have no problem telling these guys to find the front door.  One has been with us about three years and the other for almost twenty.  But I don’t care HOW long they have served.  Yesterday’s unacceptable behavior has placed them at the top of my list.  I may file a written report on each of them or I may have them escorted from the museum.  DON’T mess with me on matters of respect!  Just DON’T!  I hate being a dragon lady, but sometimes a pirate’s gotta do what a pirate’s gotta do.  I hate getting tough with people old enough to be my father.  Definitely old enough to know better.

And then I got a call that the men’s room (with two broken toilets thanks to the city plumbers) was flooding.  I was so glad to be in Los Angeles and not available to deal with it.  Broken toilets, flooded bathrooms, bees invading the library, morons on the bus…what more could I ask for?

The secret to getting through all of this CRAP is to stay the course for what makes me happy.  I get to spend part of the day with Big Sister Mia Farrow – SCORE!  I get to go grocery shopping and buy fun stuff – SCORE!  I get to start a new Bill Bryson book tonight – SCORE!  Troubles and challenges are short-lived, but joy lasts forever.


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