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Off to Los Angeles

Captain’s Log  4,331

Yesterday’s news was grand.  We have been bothered by bees outside the museum, but now they have moved INSIDE and are coming through the library wall.  The bee guy came out for a look-see yesterday and announced that we have a massive problem.  Put it this way.  Last year, the building next to us had the same problem.  They removed 150 ten-gallon buckets of honeycomb from those walls!  I am SOOOO looking forward to this!  The wall has to be removed, etc.  All kinds of fun.

And no, you cannot eat the honey!

I then discovered that the city plumbers who came in to fix our toilets ran a high-powered snake DOWN the toilet without removing the bowl.  Huge chunks of porcelain are missing and our bathroom now looks like a bus station men’s room.  Three toilets have been damaged.

Things come in 3’s.  I spilled a huge container of powdered coffee creamer all over my maroon sweater when I struggled with the lid.  Nice.

So to honor the good news in my life, I am posting the final video we made while Terri and Peggy were here.

So I’m off to Los Angeles for a field trip.  We have five cases of water and almost 200 snacks.  Should be good to roll.  At least I can sit in a bus and not have to worry about fookin’ bees and broken toilets.   I feel like the lady in the Calgon commercial.


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