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A Day For Movies

Captain’s Log  4,328

It was a day for movies in the bathroom.  Unfortunately, the HD camera I used means the downloads took almost FIVE HOURS to complete.  Here’s one that was shot Saturday night with an iPhone.  Much easier to do.  I was trying the old seaweed trick again.  The best thing about this entire film is the word TASTY uttered by Peggy at the very end.  It cracked us up for hours!

After today’s filming, we went to Sipz for vegetarian fusion food.  I could tell my pals were a bit skeptical.  I talked about ordering the coconut soup, and Peggy agreed to one small taste.  Imagine my surprise when we got there and she LOVED the soup!  She even wanted MORE!  Just like Oliver.  They scarfed down their vegetarian entrees made with seitan too (pronounced SATAN).  It was a great night!

Roomie suggested I take them to the World Market after dinner, and that was a fabulous suggestion.  We had a wonderful time looking at all the cool imported clothes, glassware, soaps, wines, food stuff, etc.  Very nice time.  We came home and laughed ourselves silly over the videos that were ready for viewing.

My day off wasn’t completely relaxing.  I took FOURTEEN phone calls from work – all of them important.  We got a sudden opportunity to have a film crew from a local TV station report live from the floor.  That took at least 8 calls to coordinate the staff and find exhibitors to show up at the crack of dawn.  Around 3:00, I got several calls about a child being injured in the play area.  He apparently fell out of the play car and jammed his teeth through his lower lip.  Yup, it was one of those days.

It will be a short day at work tomorrow and then I will come home to spend a few more hours with my pals.  I have to get them to the airport around 8:00 or so on Wednesday morning.  Where did the time go?  Didn’t they just get here?

And here’s a sweet little movie of the birthday party on Sunday.  Forgive the jerkiness.  I am still learning to work the editing program on the computer.  Lots to learn.


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