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The Fun Rolls On!

Captain’s Log 4,325

How the fun rolls on! I am so amazed at these two lovely friends of mine! They are so willing to go along and experiment with food and adventures. The time is flying by. I don’t know where to start for an update.

We went to the desert yesterday. Not much was in bloom but we saw the the amazing sculptures in the meadows. We stopped in Julian for breakfast. Amazing offerings. My lemon flapjacks were….heavenly.

Enormous blob of real butter to make it healthy, yes?

All good cowgirls drink juice from a boot.

And then we were off to the desert floor! So much to see – so little time.

Best dragon serpent we have ever seen!

My friends look wee in comparison!

Walking through the sand back to the car. Love this picture!

Met Big Sister Mia for breakfast today. Both Mia and Terri were politically correct and wore green. Talking books here. Naturally. And that is not Jay Leno in the background.

Pirate t-shirt from Terri and her hub unit! YAY! I am excited!

And a hand-knitted scarf from Peggy! I was really excited, but the wind was blowing us all over the place in front of the restaurant. Putting it around my neck was more akin to strangling myself!

This is what it’s all about.


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