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T & P Time Day 2

Captain’s Log  4,324

Are we having fun yet?  Oh!  You betcha!  Big fun!  We are having the most fun sitting out on the patio sharing tales of joy and sometimes woe.  Woe stories are good if you share them appropriately.  We have solved all the problems of the world several times over (except for the Rush Limbaugh thing – nobody knows what to do with him).

We went off to dinner last night at my new favorite Mexican place in Old Town – La Pinata.  It’s a quaint little house that has been serving Mexican food since 1920.  They have it down by now.  Really good!  Interesting food.  Enormous portions.

Peggy comes out of her (taco) shell.  Wheee!  It’s actually a fajita salad, but we sure had fun joking about the size of her shell.

Knife-wielding Terri dares anyone to touch her chimichanga!  At least not without buying her a drink first.

The dogs are thrilled to have company.  They get to do all kinds of things they are not “allowed” to do when we are home.  And they really love Peggy’s inflatable bed.

Off to the desert now before the big storm arrives.  Don’t want to get caught in an arroyo (neener) out there and perish.  Wish us luck!


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