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Love Mr. Buffet

Captain’s Log  4,319

Where do I begin?  There is no beginning and no end to a Jimmy Buffet concert experience.

Jack and I before the show started.  We had crappy seats WAY up at the top.  Bleacher seating with no backrest.  Awful!  We moved to better seats once the show started.  But….at the moment of the picture, we felt like were were on a roller coaster!  The guy behind us looks like he was cracking nuts with his teeth.

Some guy ahead of us sporting his festive headgear.  I was extremely jealous!

Topper of the night.  A hula girl and her hula boy husband waiting in line behind Jack for a t-shirt.  I saw them come in and I really wanted a picture!  The Fates were kind and provided this opportunity.  Guess my Hawaiian shirt over a turtleneck wasn’t so “wild” after all!  Sorry for the fuzzy focus.  I was being sneaky.

The concert was amazing.  It seemed like everybody knew all the words to every song!  It was a giant hootenanny with beach balls, coconut bras, and a fair amount of interesting “smoke smells” wafting through the air.  People were very polite and respectful.  Nice aging hippies and parrot head rednecks gathered to enjoy an evening of faux debauchery.   


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